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Yoga Poses Write for Us

Yoga Poses Write for UsYoga Poses Write for Us – With this post, we intend to explain the primary yoga poses or postures or at least the most common to all types of yoga. Although the three concepts go together, breathing is the key that will allow us to reach the necessary concentration to investigate each posture and move from one to another.

Categories of Yoga Poses

While there is no definitive way to classify yoga postures, four physical orientations can help research and sequence asanas. These groups of yoga poses will generally share similar active and material belongings.

Seated Yoga Poses

Energetic Effect: Grounding &Complementary

Physical Effect: Flexibility

Standing Yoga Poses

Energetic Effect: Uplifting &Inaugural

Physical Effect: Strength

Supine Yoga Poses

Energetic Effect: Nurturing &Mixing
Physical Effect: Flexibility

Prone Yoga Poses

Energetic Effect: Energizing

Physical Result: Back & Core Strength

Yoga Posture Types

The above main categories of yoga postures can also be categorized into the yoga pose types below. You can filter by these posture types on the above main pose category pages.

Backbending Yoga Poses

  • Energetic Effect: Energizing
  • Physical Effect: Strengthens Back & Core, Opens Chest

Balancing Yoga Poses

  • Energetic Effect: Invigorating
  • Material Effect: Strengthens Arms & Legs

Core Strength Yoga Poses

  • Energetic Effect: Stabilizing
  • Physical Effect: Strengthens Core Muscles

Forward Bending

  • Energetic Effect: Calming
  • Physical Effect: Stretches hamstrings & back muscles

Hip Opening

  • Energetic Effect: Surrendering
  • Physical Effect: Opens hips


  • Active Effect: Letting Go
  • Material Effect: Stretches back muscles

Asana is Just the Beginning of Yoga Poses

Asana practice is just the start of your yoga journey. Practising yoga poses can boost your physical vitality, calm your mind and balance your body’s systems. Still, the subtle yoga practices of mudra, bandha, pranayama, and meditation will take you even additional to attain the benefits and rewards of hatha yoga.

Tips for Practicing Yoga Poses

  • Begin where you are, and set prospects accordingly.
  • Gather or purchase any yoga fittings and props you might need.
  • Decide when, where, and how extended you want to repeat.
  • Create a clean and contented spot for your yoga practice.
  • Choose your yoga order or list of poses to practice.
  • Read and understand the orders for each pose before attempting.
  • If something is confusing or too problematic, seek advice from a yoga teacher.
  • Know your physical bounds and listen to your body.
  • Always end with relaxation in the Shavasana pose.

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