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Bridal Make Up Write For Us 1What is Bridal Make Up

A wedding is an event in one’s life when the world seems colourful and filled with high hopes for the future. It is the stepping stone for a completely new life, which is a mystery, and nobody knows what is in store for them. Nevertheless, everyone wants to begin this new journey on a good note, wishing for happiness and prosperity. So, the bride celebrates this occasion by trying to look her most excellent on this special day. Apart from her clothes and jewellery, her look is also critical. It is what the bridal makeup takes care of.

Which makeup is best for bridal?

Cakey makeup is a big no for brides nowadays. Hence, as a bride, HD Makeup can be a great choice as you are under the constant glare of the cameras. However, airbrush makeup is suggested chiefly for oily skin, whereas HD Makeup suits all skin types.

A touch of makeup is the key to flawless on a particular day. Makeup doesn’t just elevate your look but also gives a poised stance. Hyderabad is home to the famous biryanis and royal architecture and the most talented wedding, bridal and party makeup artists. The pearl city has its roots in the great Mughals and Nizams. Subsequently, it has been a testament to royal weddings for ages. As a result, Hyderabad hosts some of the world’s top-rated bridal makeup artists.

Bridal makeup is just heavy makeup

A common misconception about bridal makeup is that it’s just everyday makeup made to look heavier or more dramatic by adding a few extra layers. To avoid cake-face or a stage makeup look, we focus on creating a look that’s A.) Durable B.) Beautiful on camera and beneath stark lights, and C.) Artistically applied to enhance your natural features.

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