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Eyeshadow What is Eyeshadow?

One type of makeup used to enhance the eyes is called eyeshadow. While it frequently shades or ” shadows” the eyes, it also lightens, brightens, and makes the eyes appear more prominent. In addition, other colour, shading, and blending techniques can achieve many different enhancements.

Many ordinary eyeshadows come in powdered form and contain talc, and there are also cream and liquid shadows. Cream shadows should be used above the eye crease and are not suggested for the area below the eye, as they can change a crepe-like texture, adding years to the look of the eyes. Liquid eyeshadow makes a “wet” or shimmering appearance, and both cream and liquid shadows work well as a base for powdered eyeshadow.

The traditional method of using eyeshadow is applying various shades from one corner of the eye to another, blending light to dark. However, starting with light colours from the inside corner and blending with darkness will make the eyes appear farther apart and more considerable. Keep in mind that light colours highlight and accent the shape of the eye, while dark colours shade and gently change the constitution.

Types Of Eyeshadows

  • Powder Eyeshadow. The coolest to use of all makeup eyeshadow products, powder eyeshadow is super blendable and highly pigmented
  • Cream Eyeshadow. Such eyeshadow formulations come in the form of pencils, pots, or crayons
  • Liquid Eyeshadow
  • Glitter Eyeshadow

What are the Different Eyeshadow Finishes?

There are many formulations and types of eyeshadow. Here are some of the most produced and used eyeshadow types:

Matte Eyeshadow

Has no shimmer or shine in the formula. Matte shadows are a flat colour. The pigmentation of matte shadows ranges from sheer to heavily pigmented. Matte shadows use to blend out other colours, create seamless gradients, and all over the eye for a matte, flat, and “dull” effect.

Shimmer Eyeshadow

A blendable colour with fine glitter within the formula creates a shimmery look on the eye. Much softer and easier to work with than glitter, but it can create similar looks. They often apply with a damp brush or finger for maximum colour payoff.

Glitter Eyeshadow

There are a few types of glitter eyeshadow:

One is glitter mixed with a wet or creamy base, creating an almost gel-like consistency on the eyes. Another type of glitter pack into an eyeshadow pan instead of glitter loose from a jar.

Loose glitter, which is eye-safe glitter pieces from a jar. Requires a glitter primer or glue to adhere to the eye. Therefore it is pretty messy but has the most glittery effect. It differs from craft glitter – do NOT use it on your eyelid. It can cause micro-tears in your skin and much worse damage if it gets into your eye!

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