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Tattoos Write For Us

Tattoos Write For Us

History Of Tattoo

To understand the history of Tattoos, let’s go back in time and learn about the early evidence found about the process. In 2015 a mummy was found which had about 61 different tattoos spread all over its body. In 2018, two mummies discover in Egypt, and carbon dating confirms that those mummies were from 3352 BCE and 3017 BCE. The thing that grabbed their attention was the tattoos drawn on them.

Much evidence starts with a number of Austronesian people of South China and Taiwan who were used to practising tattooing around 1500 BCE. For the process, they practice skin puncturing using a small mallet and needle. These needles are from oyster shells, fish bones, and citrus thorns.

Important points about Tattoo

Body art is a huge trend in India; almost every metropolitan area is now salt away with tattoos and piercing parlours. And with such varied options, we get confused in picking a parlour that’s the best in the town regarding safety and hygiene, which should be our central focus. It is why my team at Fashionlady and I have decided to come up with a post listing all the best tattoo parlours in different metros across the nation.

My tattoos are something that I have always kept very private. Believe it or not. To me, they aren’t “things” that I got to show them off. My tattoos aren’t objects for me to brag about in hopes of building my ego. Yet, they are small reminders of my story. Lessons have had a significant impact on me and my journey. I think of them as pieces to my puzzle. No matter how big or small, they put me together. I love them, and I don’t give a damn if you love them or not.

Tattoo artists are doomed to stay human copy machines. Some of them have even gone to school for this. Instead of presenting your artist with a precise logo with no wiggle room, pitch them a few ideas and let them draw something up for you. You’ll get original work, and your tattoo artist will relieved.

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