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Thobes For Men – Mixed Traditions

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Thobes for men – also branded as thawbs, dishdasha, and kandura, are exciting pieces of clothing for men. The entire history of the thobe is rather vague and unspecified. In a land filled with untrained citizens, it is fair to assume that there was no record of how the thobe grew into the national dress of the Arabs for such a long time. Today, the long-form men’s smock has so much underlying meaning and symbolism that it becomes difficult to define the thobe as simply a fashion piece. The thobe is one of the only social outfits that the Western suit and tie have not replaced. There are so many exciting facets to Islamic religious clothing and the thobe that we will detail.

Islamic Muslim Thobes For Men

Origin Of Arab Clothing – Where Did The Thobe Arise?

Islamic Muslim Thobes For Men

A thobe is just a present form of the thobe for millennia. Interpretations of early men, in times before the birth of Jesus, show the man’s loosely flowing robe and undergarments extending to the knees and below. This form of clothing has been around for centuries due to its comfort, protection from heat, and even modesty. Clerics of Catholic Christians and Sheikhs of Islam adorn robes that follow the principles of humility and piety. Instead, the robe is a timeless attire that transcends written history and culture.

The type of material and production tools available today allow us to create the ultra-white, crisp and clean professional robe worn by modern Arabs and Muslims. Robes during pre-Islamic Arabia would be light cotton robes that were very simple and loose-fitting. However, the origin of the new thobe is back to the everyday clothing of men, from the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Like the religion of Islam, Thobe spread far and wide very quickly. As Arab merchants and Muslims began to expand their business and reach, people influenced by Arab culture began to wear the robes that Arabs wear. The most protruding example of this would be Ethiopia.


During the Christian rule of Ethiopia, the king gave asylum to Muslim refugees in Mecca. It began the long relationship between Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia. If you visit Ethiopia today, you’ll see countless people wearing something that looks like a thobe, but you won’t be able to tell their faith without seeing what symbols they adorn. It is difficult to say whether Christians influenced Muslim dress or vice versa; however, the interaction between the two nations shaped the cultural attrition of the rest of Islamic history.

You may be wondering, “Why do men wear a thobe?”. The most straightforward reason is that it is an excellent way to protect your body from extreme heat and intense UV exposure. By wrapping your entire body in a white cloth and covering your head with a shemagh, you can easily travel through the hot deserts of Arabia.

Saudi Arabia – Thobes For Men

Saudi thobe is the most traditional and frank thobe. The robe looks like a key down shirt, except it extends down to the ankles. Another common feature of Saudi thobes is open fists. The sleeves are loose and cover the wrist without cufflinks or buttons. The thobe is quite simple and therefore more comfortable for day-to-day events. Saudi thobe brands are wanted after by people worldwide for their comfort and class.

United Arab Emirates – Thobes For Men

The thobe is referred to by another name in the Emirates: The Kandoura. Dubai men’s robe is very similar to Saudi robes. The only changes come in the system of material and cuffs. The cuffs of the Dubai outfit are usually closed. These nightgowns are worn daily for work, school, home, social events, etc. These tobes are great to use at home or make a quick purchase. You can see people wearing these lounge-style thobes ubiquitously. They also come in unique prints and patterns, while formal collared robes are often simple and meant for traditional settings.

Oman – Thobes For Men

The iconic Omani dishdasha is a brand for the uncommonly projecting chest style. The triangular crest of the collarless tunic is a well-known style. Modern and trendy embroidery has held up well over the centuries. The thobe is worn with a guitar or shemagh, just like the break of the Middle East.

Qatar – Thobes For Men

The Qatari kandura is comparable to the Saudi thobe, except they are a bit looser and have more buttons on the placket. However, the Qatari style thobe has a shine to it. It is most likely due to the polyester blend used for the material. The cuffs of the kandura have an empty buttonhole for cufflinks. Cufflinks, watches and accessories are an exciting new trend that has developed recently. This trend has allowed everyone to be unique while wearing a similar outfit.

Bahrain – Thobes For Men

The Bahrain-style kandura is a loose tunic-like cotton shirt with a polo-like appearance. The necklaces are not stiff and are very relaxed to wear. The type and idea behind Bahraini Honduras are ease and comfort. Honduras are very versatile and is also great for travel.

Morocco – Thobes For Men

Moroccan thobes are some of the most exciting thobes in the world. Each thobe has an intricate embroidered design on the plackets or sleeves. Thobes are made of different materials and colours, which means that everyone can look unique. Not to mention, thobes are incredibly comfortable to wear and great for everyday wear.


Thobes for men – It is usually a traditional dress of the Arabs. Most Arabs prefer wearing this more frequently than not—the design changes from region to region.

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