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9 Tips to Wear Kimono

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You can wear a kimono as a thin layering garment in the spring and summer. When it’s too hot to wear a cardigan or denim jacket in the summer, but you still want to wear a layer, this is a charming garment. You may wear a kimono over a t-shirt and shorts or with a pair of linen pants and a blouse because it is airy and the style is open and flowy.

The benefit of keeping a kimono in your wardrobe is that you may dress it up or keep it casual. Add it to a solid-colored dress and heels to complete your look, or add it to a tee, shorts, and sneakers ensemble for a more laid-back look.

What Is a Kimono?

You may have seen the Kimono, a traditional outfit, in movies with an Asian setting. It has square sleeves and a rectangular, waterfall-style bodice shaped like a T and secured to the body with a sash or belt.

Ki (to wear) and mono (a garment) make up the word kimono (thing). And according to custom, unless the person is deceased, it should be worn by crossing the left ribbon over the right. In this instance, the wrapping is performed in reverse order.

The traditional Kimono is made of silk, but as it has become so popular on the high street, it has changed to fit our everyday lives. We can now get it in various styles and prints, including paisley, tie dye, and floral, as well as alternative, easy-to-care-for fabrics like satin and linen.

How to Wear a Kimono

Here are some tips for wearing Kimono.

  1. Put On Kimono With A Casual Outfit

If you intend to wear a kimono, especially at an event where everything seems casual, try wearing your Kimono minus anything over it. Then, all you need to do is find accessories matching your Kimono, such as sandals. Most importantly, you’ll feel comfortable despite not thinking deeply about your new casual style. Additionally, kimonos are usually very large, and calm is the simple way to wear kimonos.

  1. Know Exactly When To Wear Kimonos

One of the vital things you need to consider putting on kimonos is to know precisely the occasions to wear them. For instance, if you plan to attend a formal event like a wedding, it means your wear should be legal and appropriate. In this case, if it’s not a cold day, there’s no need to put on something with sleeves. Instead, feel free to leave your arms to show through a silk kimono robe.

In addition, the versatility of kimonos makes them easier to be worn in formal settings. For example, add some heels with an exquisite evening dress. On the other hand, if you desire a casual look, try wearing Kimono with lovely sandals or some jeans.

  1. Try Black Kimono

If you are a lady, a black kimono can be an excellent choice for you as it will give you a sophisticated look. You can also upgrade your black Kimono to wear with aviator sunglasses. You may also consider styling up your kimono wear with skinny black jeans.

Alternatively, you may try updating your sexy look on a mesh black maxi kimono by adding, for instance, brown leather gladiator sandals. It is possible to wear Kimono with almost anything, especially during the summertime.

  1. Wear Kimono With Jeans

You can also try putting on Kimono with ankle-length jeans and kitten pumps. May consider wearing, for instance, a bright blue kimono with a floral print and update it with a white top as well as blue jeans that reach your ankle and add kitten-heel black pumps.

  1. Wear Kimono With Shorts

In instances where the weather is warm, you can try putting on a kimono, probably leaf-printed, along with a basic white top and denim shorts. Additionally, try upgrading your look with tortoise shades or studded flat sandals.

  1. Wear A Dress With Kimono

If your fashion sense is more whimsical, you need a mesh or crochet kimono with embroidered accents. These kimonos go with just about everything, but for the ultimate boho-chic look, we enjoy pairing them with mini, midi, and maxi dresses. This attire is perfect for a wedding, a concert in the summer, brunch, or a romantic night.

  1. Pajamas

You can improve your bedtime ritual by including a kimono in your pajamas. Describe the Kimono. Both a piece of clothing and lingerie may be included. Be sure to enter the bedroom in your kimono robe before a particular occasion.

For a sweet sleep look, wear it open over soft pajamas and a tiny t-shirt. Or, to add a little spice, put it on over a smooth nightgown. Remember to wear your sleep mask to ensure a pleasant night’s sleep, and tie your robe loosely around your waist for an alluring finishing touch.

  1. Wear Kimonos With Your Swimsuit

Kimonos are incredibly adaptable. They function admirably as a light jacket, cardigan, robe, and dressing gown and as a swimwear cover-up. Try putting a kimono over the top if you want to add some cover by the pool, spice up your swimwear, enhance your confidence, or protect your skin from the sun.

In addition, a kimono will give your swimsuit more fashion cred because it is more trendy and modern than a sarong or kaftan. Consider wearing a big straw hat, a pair of open-toed shoes, and some elegant sunglasses as accessories.

  1. Jumpsuit

Another essential piece of clothing is the jumpsuit, which has been popular for some time. Since you don’t have to worry about matching a top with pants, they are efficient. Additionally, this outfit becomes chic for a casual occasion when worn with a kimono.

As long as they are coordinated, you can use patterns and prints creatively. To finish the look, wear a long kimono and some heels.


Kimonos bring a lot of beauty to any outfit. To make your Kimono’s pattern shine out and be in harmony with the rest of your clothing, keep the top and bottom more neutral. Try a silk kimono robe if you want new to wear that offers you a unique look compared to your classic outfits. The tips mentioned above can guide you in improving your eyes with kimono wear.

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