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What Is An Style Undercut?

In this hairstyle, the top hair is longer than the hair below. Also, the style undercut is back in fashion. A variation on this hairstyle style is the side cut, in which one side of the hair shaves short while the other side is left long. The cut is popular with both women and men and became famous in the 1980s.

At that time, the cut was trendy in the punk scene and among poppers. One group styled the undercut wild and colorful, while the other preferred the neat variant. With fine hair, this trend is a little tricky to pull off, as most of the time, there isn’t enough hair for the two layers. However, anyone with thick hair will love the undercut.

Undercut – An Extravagant Haircut

The undercut is still trendy in the punk and emo scene today. However, rock stars love the look as it always looks a bit offbeat. Rihanna or Miley Cyrus love the cut. As a result, the popularity of this haircut has increased rapidly. More and more fashion-loving women are daring to try this cheeky haircut, a real eye-catcher on short and long hair. The hair must never be cut so short that the scalp can shine through.

The topcoat does not have to be worn straight but can also be curly or wavy. With colored accents, an undercut looks even more exciting. The undercut flatters the oval face shape best. However, this does not mean that women and men with different face shapes have to do without this hairstyle. Here it is only advisable to match the hairstyle to the shape of the face. With an undercut, a round face needs a lot of volume on the top of the head. A good barber knows how to avoid making the round face look unflattering.

It is similar to all other face shapes. The proportion balances and the undercut is wearable for every type. A few cleverly placed strands here and a few accents there, and the trendy hairstyle becomes an all-rounder. The undercut works with almost any hair length, as long as there are a few centimeters of top hair. So if you don’t want a short haircut, you don’t have to do without the undercut.

Even really long hair can get a fashionable touch with an undercut. Get comprehensive advice from a hairdresser you trust. The countless possibilities are excellent and offer a wide range from sporty to sensual undercuts.

Style Undercut

A good hairdresser should always cut the undercut because if the lines are not symmetrical, the face and hair quickly appear disharmonious. However, you can shave a triangle below the side parting if you don’t want the crass version with a shaved neck like Lady Gaga. The advantage of this variant is that the long top hair can also cover the shaved area. However, if you don’t have a trendy job, you often must ensure that the haircut is not too unusual.

There are many ways to customize your undercut. As an alternative to glue, I can recommend a spray. Colored highlights are just one option. For example, longer strands in the top hair work out with wax or gel. It makes the hairstyle look much more defined and fashionable. The topcoat plays very well with an undercut. Asymmetrical bangs add variety to the look and individual strands that step out of line offer variety. It is fascinating for women if the topcoat is longer. Because then there are an incredible number of possibilities. The top hair shapes into curls; this creates a very classy undercut with a great tuft of loops on the top of the head.

Create curls in no time with the Remington curling iron. This trend stages even better with a striking color nuance. This look is particularly excellent with individually defined curls, which look remarkably accurate with wax. The contrast between the feminine curls and the shaved part is fascinating here.

Undercut Women – Trendy Variants

If you’re feeling bold, then an undercut graphic design might be an option. The trend cut stages in graphic patterns on the very short undercoat. For this purpose, parts of the top hair form into exciting stripes. Color the short hair in a contrasting color to the top hair. This variant looks very modern and unusual. Therefore, such a cut is best suited for self-confident personalities who like to stand out and have their signature look admired. The undercut bob is also a real trendsetter. With a fringe with solid contours, it becomes a real eye-catcher. Again, straight hair is ideal for this hairstyle, although a straightening iron helps a little.

The undercut comes into its own in this variety of accent colors. With the asymmetrical undercut, you have a lot of lee ways. A long strand looks incredibly varied in this hairstyle, whether bangs or neck.

A side cut on both sides is also very popular. Usually, one side is shaved slightly higher than the other. It allows the top hair on the top of the head to style in various ways. This version is a real eye-catcher, especially with curls and striking hair color.


Style Undercut – The undercut is a hairstyle that leaves the length on top but has the back and sides of the head heavily cut or shaved. Having an undercut accentuates the volume of the hair and shows the structure of your face.

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