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Twelve Things Messed Up Your Skin

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Messed Up Your Skin – We all dream of maintaining youthful and radiant skin forever, but there can be multiple factors that are ruining it without us realizing it. Even if you take care of your skin better than anyone else, can’t you have it perfect? There are habits and gestures that you do every day that damage your skin little by little.

Each factor combines and interacts with each person’s internal characteristics and other external factors. As a result, it triggers a specific response from the body that conditions the appearance of the skin, its elasticity, texture and shine, and our health in general. Thus, the cutaneous exposome determines 80% of skin ageing.

Taking them into account and taking the appropriate measures will improve the appearance of your skin, which is a clear reflection of your health.

1. You Keep Touching Your Face

The hands are in permanent contact with dirty surfaces. So if you don’t wash them often and touch your face, imagine all the bacteria and dirt you’re bringing to your face. This dirt can accumulate and favor the clogging of the pores, causing a sudden outbreak of acne. So avoid touching your face often and always keep your hands clean.

2. You Skip Makeup Removal

Even if you go to sleep accompanied and want to wake up the next day radiant and made up like a Hollywood actress, don’t do it. What you will achieve is the opposite, that your skin suffers. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you also have to cleanse your skin of impurities and dirt that accumulate throughout the day. After cleansing, use a toner that suits your skin type.

3. Drink A Lot Of Coffee – Messed Up Your Skin

Caffeine is diuretic and causes the skin to become dehydrated and appear dull and dull. If you want to show off youthful skin, do not drink more than two coffees a day, and compensate for this effect by eating

4. Rub The Skin – Messed Up Your Skin

When you dry your skin (especially on your face), you mustn’t irritate it by rubbing it hard with the towel. Do it with gentle touches. Also, avoid removing dead cells with an exfoliant that is too “aggressive”. Better opt for those with wonderful grain or enzymatic ones (derived from tropical fruits and that do not irritate the skin)g fruit or vegetables and drinking more water.

5. Contact Lenses Are Better Than Glasses

We make involuntary gestures to keep the glasses in place (frown, make movements with the nose, etc.) can cause wrinkles. If they are comfortable for you, use contact lenses instead.

6. Nobody Is Bitter About A Sweet

It’s true, but excess sugar binds to skin proteins and damages them, causing or aggravating flaccidity. Avoid pastries, refined cereals or packaged juices, and opt for their homemade or wholemeal version.

7. Be Careful With The Pillowcase

Pillowcase absorbs oil, dead cells and microorganisms from the skin and hair, so keeping the pillowcase clean is essential. It is even more vital if you have acne-prone skin and oily hair. It would be best if you changed it twice a week.

8. Do Not “Stick” Your Mobile So Much

There is more dirt on a mobile phone than on the sole of a shoe or in a sink. Do not stick your mobile to the face so much starting from this base. According to a study by  Stanford University  (USA), mobile phones can have up to 18 times more bacteria than the toilet, so if you want to prevent blackheads from appearing, use your hands-free and clean your mobile often.

9. Led Bulbs – Messed Up Your Skin

According to a study in Dermatology, LED bulbs emit ultraviolet rays. At less than 20 cm, these rays pass through the skin and cause photoaging, so keep your distance from this type of light.

10. You Put Too Much Cream

Either we overdo it, or we fall short. You can clog it and get the opposite effect if you go too far. Also, in the case of the eye contour, for example, if you use one that is very oily, you can cause white pimples of fat or bags to appear in that area. You may even not be using the correct cream for your skin type.

11. Beware Of Very Hot Showers

The heat dilates the capillaries – favors couperosis and varicose veins – and weakens the skin’s protective layer. Take short showers with lukewarm water and use moisturizing body milk to compensate for the loss of lipids.

12. Drinking A Lot Of Milk Can Cause Acne

Watch your daily intake, especially if you have oily skin. Some studies have shown that milk has hormones and growth factors, which are absorbed into the blood and cause acne. You can reduce your intake of dairy products and get your calcium from green leafy vegetables (chard, escarole, spinach) and tofu.


Twelve things messed up your skin – Skin is the largest organ of our body and a delicate one. Minor things also cause damage to our skin. The above certain precautions are necessary.

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