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General Hospital Spoilers Sonny – Complete Detailed Information

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Sonny Makes a Deadly Threat!

General Hospital Spoilers Sonny – The drama escalates in these GENERAL hospitality spoilers! Ava wants the truth, Dante tries to reason with Michael, and Sonny draws a line in the sand and invites Dex to cross it!

On Laura’s advice, Ava decides to give her marriage to Nicholas another chance and even has an affair with Esme living in Windemere to keep Spencer close to her father to see if they can mend their relationship as well.

But the schemer knows the scheme, and Ava wants to know what’s going on! “I want to know the truth,” she hisses at Spencer. – What game are you playing? But it’s Nicholas that Ava must watch as Esme visits her father Ryan in Spring Ridge to report on her progress.

However, would he be happy to know that she slept with Nicholas? And what is their next step?

Dante tried to act as a peacemaker in the Corinthos family, hoping he could stop Michael from doing something he might regret. “It was worth it?” he asks his brother. “Just to try to humiliate our father?” But will Michael realize he’s going too far, or will he hold on and insist he’s right?

Meanwhile, Sonny may be in danger with most of his family members, but he will do anything to protect them. Dex has expressed a desire to work for Sonny, but things aren’t going well! “Touch my children,” Sonny angrily warns him, “and I’ll kill you myself!”

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 6/14/22: Carly Breaks Sonny’s Heart!

However, it’s time for the tough conversations in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers. Joss and Trina have a plan, Cam thinks they made a big mistake, Maxie comforts Austin, Spinelli panics, Cody rejects Dante, Nina and Britt team up, and Carly breaks Sonny’s heart!

And also, after learning that there will be a hearing to decide Trina’s future at PKU, Josslyn continues to try to comfort her best friend. “It’ll be fine,” she tells someone on the phone as Trina looks at her expectantly. “We have a plan.”

And inside Kelly, the plan seems to be to ask Spinelli for help. He’s got his fingers in rare pies, but he’s still a skilled hacker. “Don’t do anything else,” he advises. “Understood?” Can he find a way to prove that Esme framed Trina?

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And also, Cam joined her extended family on a camping trip at Laura’s request and regretted it. “Coming here was a massive mistake,” he complains. Ideally, Austin should be home in the woods, so why is Maxie comforting him? “Stay with me,” she advises. – It will be fine. And Finn said to his dad, “Actually, maybe I have a better idea.” So what does it represent for children?

At the Savoy, Sam stands at the bar for a drink when Cody reacts badly to his old friend’s proposal. “I don’t want you to be indebted like this,” he insists. “It never was and never will be.” At another table, Nina and Britt are trying to enjoy the party.

They seem to have created a way to distract themselves from their issues for a while. And also, “make them suffer,” smiled Nina, raising her glass. And also, Britt laughs as she toasts okay. However, club guys better are on the lookout!

In her Metro Court office, Carly stunned Sonny when she sided with Michael and agreed that he had alienated her children with his recent actions. And now Carly is getting emotional as she shares another bitter truth. However, “I don’t know you anymore,” she admits.

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers

However, General Hospital News & Spoilers reported that the 59-year-old daytime drama filmed 15,000 episodes. Previously, the tribute episode was scheduled to air on June 17, then moved to June 20, and now, due to media coverage in the GH timeslot, the holiday episode will air on June 21.

When fans of General Hospital think of their favorite soap opera, they can’t help but think of critical characters like Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura Spencer (Gini Francis), Sonny (Maurice Benard), and Carly Corinth ( Laura Wright). However, with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), the Quartermain and Cassadine families, and many more.

Therefore, General Hospital News reveals discussions of a recent interview with seven-time Daytime Emmy-nominated Laura Wright as General Hospital Director Carly Corinthos.

And also, General Hospital spoilers reveal that has obtained insider information from Laura Wright’s opinions on the longevity and bequest of this iconic American soap opera. When asked to explain his take on GH’s impressive longevity, Wright explained, “It’s the fans and their love for the show. We’re here because of them and their love for the shows. characters, stories, and hell with the story.”

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