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Guidance of Flipkart Health Plus

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About (FKH) Flipkart Health Plus

Flipkart Health Plus – Flipkart Health+ (Formerly known as SastaSundar) is an amalgamation of Healthcare offerings, ranging from Prescription Medicines, Healthcare products, and Personal care & over 1000 Articles. They focus on building a Zero Compromise healthcare platform, with the promise of 100% Genuine Medicines, a Wide Variety & Fast delivery to our valuable users with an honest and trustworthy approach.

What is Health Plus Flipkart?

Flipkart Health+ is India’s fastest-growing digital healthcare marketplace platform that enables access to affordable medicines and healthcare products to millions of households in India. We aim to elevate the health of billion lives through trusted, affordable, caring, and innovative solutions.

Companies are harnessing the power of Gift Cards and Digital Wallets in innovative manners to engage with their customers. And this is precisely what Flipkart Health Plus has set out to do.

As a part of the first phase of the launch, the Flipkart Health Plus gift cards were issued in place of refunds on the platform, which were then added to the Qwikcilver-powered wallet solution. Standalone Flipkart Health Plus gift cards will be launched in the next phase, followed by Consumer Promotions and Marketing incentives for users through this program.

Flipkart to Sell Medicines and Healthcare Products Via the New Health+ App

Flipkart has declared the launch of the Flipkart Health+ app that will permit users to buy medicines and healthcare products. As per the company, the app aims to serve customers diagonally 20,000 pin codes in India. The Flipkart Health+ platform claim to have more than 500 independent sellers with a network of registered pharmacists for the justification of medical prescriptions and accurate dispensation of medicines.

In the coming months, Flipkart Health+ campaigns will involve third-party healthcare providers offering customers other healthcare services like teleconsultation and e-diagnostics. Initially, the Flipkart Health+ app will be available on the Android Play Store and iOS. Flipkart claims that the app can also be accessed on low bandwidth, making it accessible to customers nationwide.

According to the company, Flipkart Health+ is in line with the regulatory framework, and it shall enable admission to medicines and healthcare products and services for several health conditions, including acute and chronic illnesses, to more customers across India, especially in remote locations.

With the app, the company aims to strengthen India’s healthcare ecosystem by enabling access to a wide range of medications and healthcare products, and services while partnering with the healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare has become one of the most significant parts of the Indian economy in terms of both revenues and services. The emerging rise in digital adoption in India is a chance to make a selection of medicines and healthcare products accessible nationwide.

Other Services of Flipkart Health Plus

Diagnostics Services:

Flipkart Health allows Users to avail of diagnostic test/package facilities offered by Third Party Service Providers through the Website. Such Third Party Service Providers may also provide other services about the diagnostic test/package facilities, including but not limited to sample collection, home collection, conducting tests, generating and delivering lab reports, etc. (collectively, “Diagnostic Services”).

Flipkart Health is not and shall not be responsible for any Diagnostic Services offered, performed, or delivered by the Third Party Service Providers and does not deal with any of Third Party Service Providers’ clients or patient managed by Third Party Labs over the Website and only provides enabling Services to the Users through the Website.

Anyhow anything to the contrary contained herein, Third Party Service Providers alone shall be liable for dealings and interaction with Users contacted or managed through the Website. Flipkart Health shall have no liability or responsibility in this regard.

Flipkart Health does not endorse any tests included in the Diagnostic Services nor guarantees or makes any representation concerning the correctness, completeness, or correctness of the tests conducted and reports created by the Third Party Service Providers. Third-Party Service Providers are solely responsible for ensuring compliance with laws applicable to the provision of Diagnostics Services by them.

Teleconsultation Services:

For products and services required to prescribe by qualified professionals under law, Flipkart Health allows processing such orders on the Website only on confirmation by the Sellers that you have uploaded a valid prescription.

In cases where the medications uploaded by you are invalid, illegible, or expired, or if you do not upload the drug, we may, through third-party vendors, connect You with third-party professionals (“Professional”) who have represented that they have the requisite qualifications under the law and are suitable to deliver the health care advice that may be required to rectify the prescription, in case of invalid/illegible/expired medication or issue a prescription in case prescription is not uploaded by you, based on the information that You provide to them (“Teleconsultation Services”).

You agree and acknowledge that you will redirect to the Teleconsultation Services only in limited cases where prescription validation or issuance requires. They should not treat as a replacement for obtaining medical advice from your doctor or uploading valid prescriptions on the Website.

The words “Your Physician,” “Your Doctor,” “Healthcare Provider,” or similar words on the Website shall mean any registered medical Professional with whom the User has a doctor-patient relationship off the Website. The Teleconsultation Services and any issue or non-issue of prescription or issue of alternate drugs in the medication will be at the sole discretion of the Professional. Flipkart Health has no relation to or influence on the Teleconsultation Services or the Professionals.

More About Teleconsultation Services:

It may determine by the Professional that the Teleconsultation Services are not the proper mode for evaluating or diagnosing your medical condition or that a prescription cannot issue through the Consultation Services, in which case, the order may not process any further on the Website as orders requiring medication not processed without a valid prescription. Flipkart Health shall not be responsible for processing such charges, and you agree that such situations do not amount to a deficiency in the Website’s services.

Further, the Professional also entitles under the law to determine the medium of such Consultation Services, whether through text, audio, or video media, in which case you provide your explicit consent to receive the Consultation Services through the medium determined by the Professional, failing which the Professional has the right to refuse the Consultation Services.

You agree and acknowledge that Flipkart Health shall not be in charge for any loss, harm, injury, or inconvenience caused to you or any other party due to, or arising out of, the refusal of Consultation Services by the Professionals or due to the unavailability of the Consultation Services at any time by the third-party vendor.

You agree and acknowledge that the third-party vendor through which You connect with the Professionals for Consultation Services and the Professionals themselves are independent contractors whose services are avail by You upon Your implied/ explicit consent. Hence, Flipkart Health, in no event, shall be directly or vicariously responsible for any advice, medical consultancy, or any other loss arising under Your engagement with such third parties.

Your reliance on such Consultation Services, Professionals, medical advice, and prescriptions issued according to the Consultation Services is solely Your responsibility. At Your sole discretion, Flipkart Health assumes no responsibility and liability for Your consultation/communication with such Professionals.

To Add More Healthcare Services Soon

Prashant Jhaveri, Chief Executive  Officer of Flipkart Health+, said, “Through Flipkart Health+, we aim to solve the serious gap of accessibility to genuine medicines and healthcare products then services across the  country, specifically in the remotest parts of the country that have underserved until now.”

Flipkart Health+ app, the company said, has been designed and established with a user-friendly interface that will demand customers, irrespective of their technological expertise.

To begin with, the Flipkart Health+ platform will have around 500+ independent sellers with a network of registered pharmacists to validate medical prescriptions and accurately dispense medicines.

“Even still it is an intermediary marketplace platform, Flipkart  Health+ has put in place several quality checks and verification protocols, which will facilitate delivery of genuine medicines and healthcare products from self-governing sellers to the customer’s doorstep,” the company added.

Flipkart Health+ also plans to provide third-party healthcare service providers who will offer customers other value-added healthcare services like teleconsultation and e-diagnostics. The Indian digital health market expects to be worth $6.4 billion by 2024 from $1.5 billion in 2018, growing at a 27.4% CAGR.

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