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Weight Loss Diet – Types – 2022

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Weight Loss Diet – The Mediterranean, flexitarian, vegan, or even volumetric diets. A host of slimming solutions, more or less effective, is sometimes difficult to differentiate. The US News & World Report has produced a list revealing the best diets for effective slimming to disentangle the true from the false. Each is evaluated on its ability to cause weight loss in the long term (two years or more) and in the short time. (during the first 12 months).

Here is the list of the best diets for 2022.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been named “best diet” for the fifth consecutive year. Focused on fresh and seasonal products, it consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals. Rich in good fats, in particular, olive oil, it has benefits for heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and cardiovascular disease reduction.

The DASH Weight Loss Diet

The DASH diet, or “dietary approaches to reduce hypertension”, promotes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products and reduces animal fats and sugar. However, Processed products and salt, which is limited to one teaspoon per day, are minimal.

The Flexitarian Diet

Tied in 2nd position, we find the flexitarian diet, which is more of a long-term diet than a diet for losing weight quickly. The central precept of the flexitarian is the occasional consumption of meat and fish, 2 to 4 times maximum per week. Thus, this diet is effortless to follow daily.

The Mind Weight Loss Diet

The MIND diet combines the basics of the DASH and Mediterranean diets, emphasising eating a diet that helps prevent brain disease. Put in place over the long term, it helps lose fat, reduce the risk of dementia and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

The Mayo Diet

The Mayo diet is based on a food pyramid model, offering a low-calorie diet that spans 14 days. Very restrictive, it displays a program to be followed to the letter (with significant consumption of grapefruit), which claims to allow a loss of 10 kg in 2 weeks.

The Tlc Diet

Tied with the Mayo diet is the TLC (“Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes”) diet, consisting of three meals and one snack a day. It targets specific calorie intake based on gender and individual goals. This diet is effective in lowering cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The WW Diet

Tied with the TLC diet: the WW diet, formerly Weight Watchers, is known for its point system, calculated based on initial weight, age and gender. Each food is worth several points: it’s up to you to spend them as you wish during the day. No food is banned from WW, thus allowing awareness of what we eat.

Volumetric Regime

Eat more to lose more weight: this is the principle of the volumetric diet which favours foods with low energy density—few calories for a large volume. Hypocaloric is perfect for those who have a lot of appetites. However, the weight loses.

Weight Loss Diet – Very Quickly

Warning: the most effective diets for losing weight are not necessarily all good for your health, as experts point out. Although they allow you to drop weight quickly, some are too restrictive, too difficult to follow or even too extreme. It is, therefore, significant to seek guidance from a health professional before starting.

In the first place on the podium, we find the Atkins diet. The objective is to limit carbohydrates as much as possible to allow the body to turn to another fuel. Thus, fats burn. Especially since experts at US News & World voted it the best diet to lose weight fast, they gave it shallow marks for safety, heart health, and ease of following.

The “Health Management Resources Program” (HMR) diet comes second in ranking the most effective diets for losing weight quickly. It reduces the number of calories consumed through “meal replacements with added fruits and vegetables”.

“Weight loss is three times greater and maintained with meal replacements than traditional diets, experts say,” the magazine reads. One of its weak points, according to the experts

Weight Loss Diet – Other Effective Programs

Tied with the HMR program is the Optavia diet. The goal? Consuming “Fuelings” are foods such as bars, biscuits or even ready-made soups, in addition to “Lean & Green” meals, made up of meat, vegetables, and good fats.

It is a diet based on the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser”. The latter involves eating regular and balanced meals, controlling portions and calories, keeping a food diary and practising a sport for six weeks. Moreover, according to experts, one of its downsides is that it’s “a bit pricey”.

This diet tie with the ketogenic and WW (Weight Watchers) diets. The first is to limit the consumption of carbohydrates as much as possible in favour of fats. Among the weak points of this diet put forward by the experts? The fact that it “may seem extreme”.

The second objective is to use “SmartPoint”, a system that associates points with each food that you consume. Therefore, the idea is not to exceed a certain number of points per day, knowing that many foods are at zero points. Experts say that while this plan pays off, it is still good value for money.


Weight Loss Diet – overweight is the most faced issue these days. A person with a higher body weight needs to follow a strict weight loss diet. The central perspective of a weight loss diet is lowering calorie intake.

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