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Distance Running – Its Benefits and a Guide

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Distance Running – Even the greatest marathon runners started with small races. You practice running, you like it, and you envy the runners who progress year after year. You, too, have the opportunity to advance in your practice of running. And this is whether you decide to train alone or with the help of a sports coach.

How To Start Well In Distance Running And Progress?

Progress is only possible with work in the running, and there is no other secret. The more we run, the more we progress. You still have to run the right way! This principle can quickly turn against those who apply it literally. Progress is relatively easy to achieve even without putting excessive energy into it if you are motivated.

Train Regularly

Running is a school of patience. Training hard, repeatedly, with a solid plan guarantees long-term improvement. But improving is not necessarily a question of giving all your energy and exhausting yourself. Better to train a little but very regularly than a lot at certain times and not at all at others.

Distance Running is an endurance sport, and Endurance is lost faster than gained. Training regularly means seeing little progress that will significantly improve in the long term if accumulated. So set a goal to run one to two days a week, trying to plan those days to start. Avoid improvising outings that may eventually become too irregular. Work always pays off in the running. It will show tomorrow if it doesn’t show today, so never give up.

With a coach or some wise research, you can create a tailor-made training plan, which includes reasonable progressions in the durations and frequencies of running.

Find Your Source Of Motivation For Distance Running

The pleasure of distance running must remain your priority. If you impose it on yourself as a chore, everyone knows running can quickly become an absolute nightmare. If you don’t enjoy running, you won’t be motivated. And it will not be possible to demonstrate enough regularity and training to hope to progress throughout the year.

Whether it’s a competition or something more personal like running to lose weight, finding your motivation will help you stay motivated to train regularly. Think about your goal weight or something that will keep your motivation up—the gain in shape and vitality, better heart health, and a better-shaped silhouette.

If Possible, Find A Partner

While some prefer to run and train independently, not everyone does. Running in pairs can be more motivating than running alone for many athletes, beginners, and experienced alike. If you have enough motivation to run alone, go for it! But know that having a partner can also be a way to help each other progress and motivate each other. So, do not hesitate to alternate between running alone or in a group. Find a reliable and sufficiently motivated partner who will pull you up. It will also be a way to progress together and measure your collective and individual performance more objectively. However, if you can’t find anyone to run with you, don’t despair and pursue your goal.

Create A Real Running Training Plan

We discussed it a little earlier: developing a tailor-made training plan to progress in the running is recommended. Progress is possible with a well-constructed training plan with just three weekly runs. Besides, you’re going for a long distance like a marathon; there’s no need to increase the volume. Running three times a week means being able to do both a jog, an intensity session also called “split,” and a long outing incorporating a bit of tempo pace

So, training more leads to more progress. Above all, you must teach correctly and favor good recovery periods (we will return to this). The more you prepare, the more fatigue will accumulate. It can then prevent you from progressing if you are not careful. So also remember to hydrate yourself well and take the time to recharge the batteries. You can consult our article on nutritional preparation for running to go even further. It deals with the ideal diet for the practice of endurance sports.

Choose A Mid-Term Distance Running Goal

Commit to a first challenge to be completed three to six months following your start and register for this race. Pick a distance you’ll be proud of when you complete it: is it three kilometers? Five? Ten kilometers in less than an hour? What do you want to accomplish within more or less six months? Be realistic, but show a little ambition to stay motivated during all those weeks of training.

Indeed, it must be realistic, achievable, and set in time to achieve a goal. This goal will motivate you to run, evaluate yourself, and compare yourself to others. You will be able to define your ideal distance according to your physical profile and your sports history. Also, use your current abilities to determine your medium-term goal. For example, if you can run five kilometers in good conditions, your objective must lead you to progress and not stagnate.

Boost Your “Pleasure” Engine During The Running Session

Daily, you may not have time to listen to your favorite music and the latest album purchased online. Running is an excellent time to do so. Indeed, you are in your “element” during the race, and you have all the attention available to enjoy this music.

Do the days pass too quickly? Take advantage of this running time to appreciate the passage of time, reflect, and listen to music, podcasts, radio shows, or whatever takes your fancy. Also, take the time to admire the landscape, listen to the birdsong, and watch the color of the sky.

Are you sensitive to nature? You need to breathe the pure air of the countryside to regenerate and rejuvenate yourself. In this case, you will be motivated by breathing this good air! Perhaps trail running is for you, or running in the forest. Also, know that the more you run, the more you will “need” to run.


Distance running – It is one of the primary forms of exercise. Running is also pretty easy to do as it is very beneficial. Your body will produce endorphins, a fairly addictive hormone that will give you a particular pleasure at the end of your races. So take advantage of this phenomenon to make running your little wellness ritual.

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