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Bye Bye Belly Juice – More Side Effects Than Benefits

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Belly juice – American stars pose one after the other with colorful boxes, extolling the energizing, detoxifying and slimming virtues of “detox tea”. Several brands offer products that, consumed over 14 or 28 days, promise a fresher complexion and a few pounds less.

Many studies have also highlighted the benefits of tea, which reduces the risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. But it is essential to understand that all teas are not the same and that some may even have risky health effects.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

No scientific research indicates that tea helps you lose weight, says nutritionist and hormone expert Alisa Vitti on Mind Body Green’s American site. Most detox teas contain herbal laxatives like senna, which help fight fluid retention but won’t boost your metabolism or burn fat. Without a balanced diet and physical exercise, the scale’s needle will not move.


Laxative plants have side effects, says the nutritionist, especially if you consume them several times daily. You may suffer from diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pain and, in the extended, an imbalance of specific blood values ​​and damage to bowel function. Other element such as guarana, with energizing properties, can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches and palpitations.

Which Teas To Choose?

However, tea cures are inadvisable or wrong when you turn to the right products. Alisa Vitti recommends drinking three types of tea and infusions regularly. Dandelion root, rooibos green tea, and burdock root to avoid putting your strength at risk. Juicing enthusiasts praise its slimming, detoxifying and beauty properties.

Nutritionists are much less enthusiastic. They point the finger at a useless practice, at worst, at risk.

Belly Juice – More Side Effects Than Benefits?

Feeding exclusively on fruits and vegetables in juice without pulp for several days is called juicing. It may not mean anything to you, yet the trend has been swelling for a few years in the United States. In cities, juice bars are springing up to offer cold-pressed green juices ultra-rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Behind those bars? The giants Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Starbucks. Because before being the fashionable “well-being reflex”, juicing was a lucrative business. And that, Joe Cross has understood. In 2010, the Australian entrepreneur was “obese, sick and almost dead”, as he describes himself.

Taking his situation head-on, he decides to change his diet by only eating juice drastically. 2 months later, the efforts paid off: Joe lost 45 kg and “got rid of his medication”, as he recounts in the documentary about his experience. Success allows Joe Cross to make his advice work on the web.

Losing weight, having beautiful skin or even treating yourself, the motivations of juicing enthusiasts are numerous.

Juice companies cater to city dwellers with high incomes and busy schedules. Their promises? 100% natural juices to regain vitality, well-being and silhouette. But that’s not all. A juice cure would have the ability to stimulate the metabolism to “purify” the body of all its excesses. We then speak of a “detox cure”.

Detox Cure For Weight Loss – Expert Advice

Do nutritionists recommend a detox cure based on fruits and vegetables to lose weight? “No, definitely not”, answers nutritionist Hélène Baribeau “it’s too drastic, and you will quickly regain the weight.

Studies about the benefits and risks of detox cures specify that “although low-calorie detox cures may be capable of inducing a loss of short-term weight. Their usefulness for maintaining a healthy weight over the long term is questionable.

It is important to warn consumers that “any clinical evidence does not support the weight loss claimed by detox products.

Starving – Belly Juice

It should remain noted that juice and smoothie are two different things. The smoothie is a mixture obtained in a blender from various desirable ingredients (fruits and vegetables and frozen yogurt, nuts, seeds, etc.). One of the particularities of the juice compared to the smoothie is that it does not contain fibre.

So yes, fibre has no energy value. Juices are indeed neither absorbed nor digested by our small intestines. They are no less essential for digestion. The transit is much faster (which supports the idea of ​​”purification” of juice cures). Without fibre, the assimilation of nutrients, carbohydrates and lipids, in particular, is not spread throughout digestion.

A rapid spike in blood sugar, accompanied by his spike in insulin and ravenous hunger, occurs shortly after the drink.

To convince oneself of the benefits of fibre, remember that fatty acids form when the fibres ferment (under the effect of intestinal bacteria). These fatty acids are an essential energy source for the digestive tract cells, which ensures their proper functioning and long-term protection against cancer2.

Finally, it is interesting that diets have favored fibre for its satiating effect for years. But when some consider gluten to be harmful to the digestive system, one can think that a certain mistrust is settling in the face of fibres. Nutrition is no exception to trends.

Adverse Effects Of Belly Juice

Journalists and bloggers who have tested juicing report headaches, nausea, fatigue or bad breath, among other things. Is this a sign that the “toxins” are leaving the body? For Professor Hosen Kiat and Doctor Alice Klein, the reality is quite different.

A 3-day diet of 6 fruit and vegetable juices per day “does not meet the daily protein needs weighing more than 23 kg”.

These diets are also minimal in calories. Result? The body goes into a fasting state. Without the energy provided by glucose, the brain and muscles remain deprived. They turn to the liver, looking for a survival solution. Unfortunately, this one will not dig into the fat reserves at first.

It will seek the energy that the body needs in the proteins of our muscles to keep blood sugar afloat (this is gluconeogenesis). At the same time, it will send ketone bodies to the brain and muscles as energy.


Bye bye belly juice side effects – To better manage our weight, we must eat in quantities that respect our physiological needs (hunger and satiety) and not introduce restrictions. However, a juice cure makes you very hungry and does not allow you to fill up with essential nutrients.

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