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Wisteria Tattoo – Various Kinds – 2022

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wisteria tattoo – Have you ever speculated what the symbolism of flowers in tattoos is? We do. Even though everyone brings personal meaning to their tattoo, the flowers in the tattoo are almost as old as the tattoo itself. Their history is made up of as many definitions as there are cultures.

Indeed, the floral tattoo can have multiple meanings (in addition to your interpretation): life, victory, marriage, death, vitality, youth, femininity, love, and the list can go on and on. In many cultures, the flower is a sign of rebirth. For others, it represents the central element of life.

In tattooing, the flower remains one of the most famous figures. As you are very fond of floral tattoos, we present to you some of the meanings of the flowers in the tattoo.

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The Symbolic Language Of Flowers – Wisteria Tattoo

Since time immemorial, flowers (and botany in general) have played a vital role in cultures and traditions worldwide. We find these elements in the heritage of our ancestors through mythology, poems, and songs.

In the past, we saw flowers a bit like messengers. For example, one of the favorite pastimes of the Victorian era was the in-depth study of the symbolism of flowers. Today, this language is called “Floriography”. Each flower was associated with a human characteristic and expressed a feeling (positive or negative). Also, flowers could convey a non-verbal response or “hidden” message.

All these traditions have changed a lot, but we have always remained fascinated by the magical world of flowers.

The Floral Tattoo, What Is It?

The floral or botanical tattoo is a category of tattoo that specializes in the illustration of flowers and plant elements.

The Origins Of The Floral Tattoo

Flowers and tattoos remain a lot in common. We perceive flowers through emotions, in the same way, that tattoos communicate emotions and feelings to us (but in a permanent way). For this reason, floras are one of the oldest tattoo designs.

We find floral elements in the very stylized representations of the tribal tattoo (simple, almost abstract shapes filled with black). This kind of tattoo belongs to a family, a group, a territory, etc.

The Indian henna tattoo is an ancient body beautification technique. The flower is often a central element in expressing femininity, beauty, and balance.

In Japan, cherry blossoms were tattooed on warriors to symbolize life’s fragility and be aware of death.

For American sailors of the early 20th century, a rose inked into the skin could have several symbols at once: a new beginning, a promise, strength, or even sometimes a tribute to death.

Regardless of the period of history or the cultural context, humans have always felt the need to create eternal links with nature.

The Most Popular Flowers In The Tattoo And Their Meanings – Wisteria Tattoo

The Roses In The Tattoo

Rose is undoubtedly the favorite flower among the people who have dyed their teeth and pierced their tattoos. In traditional American Taito culture, the rose has been a classic (but not the only) symbol of love, hope, and beauty. On the other hand, the rose expresses defence, loss, or hardening when it has its thorns.

Many myths and legends exist about this beautiful flower. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, decorated her body with roses. Flora, the goddess of spring, transformed her nymphs into roses to make them immortal, while Cupid used the rose to protect the secret loves of Venus.

In Christianity, the garden of roses with their thorns was instead representing sin. In the representations of Mary, we notice a rose without thorns, therefore the image of purity and innocence.

The rose lends itself to all possible tattoo styles. However, it remains a classic in Old School, Chicano, Realist, Blackwork and Minimalist styles.

The Lotus Flowers In The Tattoo

The lotus comes in second place at the top of flower pattern preferences. Very present in Buddhist culture, the lotus symbolizes the pure soul that surpasses all life’s challenges, opening its petals towards spiritual awakening. Always positive, the lotus image represents knowledge, compassion, understanding of life, and hope.

Its almost perfect shape is ideal for tattoo designs in Geometric and Mandala styles. Dotwork style patterns give it even more finesse.

Chrysanthemums In The Tattoo

The chrysanthemum occupies third place. Most probably, the chrysanthemum represents the transition between life and death. In some cases, it can mean deity, royalty and perfection. In Chinese culture, this flower offer to congratulate, bring good luck, or wish long life.

Chrysanthemums often reproduce in Japanese – style tattoos. It remains in monochrome engraving styles like the Illustrative and Blackwork styles.

Peonies In The Tattoo – Wisteria Tattoo

The peony is another very fashionable flower in the tattoo in recent years. Great reference to the Japanese tattoo, the peony illustrates the symbol of elegance and fortune. It is also called “The King’s Flower”.

In the Asian tradition, the delicate peony is the male symbol representing the “Yang”. The ancient symbol in the tattoo. Among the samurai, the peony represents the element of peace and beauty. It contrasted with the details of force that dragons, tigers or demons described. Today, this symbol no longer knows any gender. Men and women can adopt peony tattoos (like all other motifs, by the way.

The peony makes its appearance in complex compositions in the Graphic, Blackwork and sometimes even Geometric style.


wisteria tattoo – These patterns of wisteria in buttons with this pretty graphic design on a mandala design. This tattoo is for you if you love flowers and the garden or with a craving for nature. Instead of hesitating between flowers and mandalas. It is much easier to choose this pretty temporary tattoo that combines the two.

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