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Western Lifestyle – Explanation, Fact, Impact, And More

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Western Lifestyle – Explanation

“Western Lifestyle” is a vague term often seen in abstract environments. However, it is difficult even amongst scholars to identify which cultures and peoples include within the distinction of “Western.”  While much of it is explainable via the rigid reality of academia, the distinction of “Western” culture does express more. Excellent sympathetic to world culture. It ultimately speaks to the origins of philosophies that command diverse ways of life across the planet.

Thousands of years ago, “the West” was born in Greece with all its progress in nation and science. Greek plays and myths, the building of the great shrines, and even the primary schools of thought all survived long past the fall of the ancient Greek city-states. They moved westward with the next great civilization, the Romans, and, after Rome fell, continued to move even further west until they reached America.

Uses of Western Lifestyle

“The West” is vague but purposefully so. A single word or term can’t prove description enough for content as broad as culture, architecture, essential thinking, storytelling practices, rules for law and governance, and so on. By being vague, “the West” can serve as the blanket term used for all of it and provides easy distinction from the other primary school of supposed in the world, “the East.”

Both schools of thought have severely different ideas on how the world and society should be governed. “The East” is far more common and respectful of the elderly. “The West,” on the other arrow, is wildly individualistic, pushing for each person to carve out their mark. Family names developed less critical in the West since this.

Thus, “Western culture” seems to be a slight difference used across academics to label ideological, educational, and ethnic uniformity amongst European and derivative nations.

Of course, this distinction does not account for the entire picture of typically “Western” nations, precisely the problem of Eastern European countries, which often can as outliers. They are excluded from Western Europe’s engagements and have endured much cultural assimilation from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern states.

WESTERN LIFESTYLEFacts About the West Region

Geography. The west with incredible mountains, volcanoes, rolling plains, fertile valleys, beaches, and even deserts. California, Oregon, and Washington have earthquakes and even volcanoes! Hawaii also has many active volcanoes, which can occur throughout the west.

Australia is mainly Western in culture. Western culture is an attractive fluid and loose term because it encompasses so much. Some of the central features of Western culture include: Most historians agree that the concept of Western culture emerged with the Ancient Greeks.

Western culture, also known as Western civilization, Occidental culture, the Western world, and Western society, is the heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, artifacts, and technologies of the Western world.

Impact of Western Lifestyle

impact of western lifestyle

The Christian sea power in India brought Western civilization and culture into the country and introduced many new basics into India’s cultural heritage. In the final years of the eighteenth period, channels of Indian culture were getting dry. Creativity had disappeared in fine arts, literature, Science, Philosophy, and religion. The intellectual life had become dull and sluggish. A society with all its evil customs remained stagnant.

The vernacular literature of India. Western literature was thrown open to Indians through the English language, and a flood of ideas was let loose. Thus, a significant mental expansion spread similar to the European nations experienced when the English language was introduced and taught.

Western literature offered several brilliant examples in different branches of literature, and Indian writers copied them. The best of the Indian vernacular literature writers has been Western in spirit outlook, literary devices, and the choice and treatment of the subjects. However, they retained a close connection with the ancient Indian lifestyle.

Impact on Indian Religion and Philosophy

Hinduism appeared to many a bundle of delusions, and they began to embrace Christianity and adjusted numerous Western ideas. They activated to study the Bible and follow its principles.

Significant Five Advantages and Disadvantages of western culture

Western culture has extreme consequences on students’ lifestyles positive and negative. There is a deficiency in common anxiety about ways a culture impact students’ education and lifestyle.

This research study is to understand the impacts of Western culture on students’ lifestyles on various campuses of the University of Education, Lahore. This descriptive study aimed at students’ perceptions of the effects of cultural imperialism through university life. The target people in this study were both male and female undergraduate students of the University of Education in Lahore.

A questionnaire built on the Likert scale was the tool for data collection. The data collection was through a cross-sectional survey—through 130 questionnaires distributed and also collected personally.

The data through descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The study findings indicate that Western culture has impacted university students’ lifestyles and social perceptions exceedingly. Western culture has significantly inclined each part of university life, ranging from social to cultural partialities. The answers showed that even the slight details of daily university routines impacted Western culture with mostly negative lifestyle choices.


Undoubtedly the Western impact has left behind permanent marks on almost every aspect of Indian life. The culture of the West virtually trained the Indian mind set-up. Some went so far as to end ever to build up a new Europe on the soil of India. Fortunately, this process quickly by the services of a renaissance.

European ways of thoughtful European designs have taken firm roots among urbanities who switch the strings of Indian destiny. The institutions of landlordism, politically-loaded casteism, communalism, and regionalism encouraged by the imperial rulers of the West thus stand as a stumbling block to progress.

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