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5 Must-try Trendy Jam Jar Ideas With Lids

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Are you looking for the perfect jelly or jam jars and confused about which ones to try next?

Jam and jelly jars are offered in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The market is glowing with many textures in the glass jars, like tinted, etched, frosted, engraved, etc. 

So, if you are thinking about which jam jars and lids to try out next, this article about the seven trending models will come to your aid. Here’s the list below:

Quilted Crystal Jelly Mouth Jars With Lids And Bands

These jars are the crowd favorite because of their textured surface. They preserve jams, jellies, sauces, oils, and butter. Seals are tight enough to prevent spillage. Wholesale jam jars with lids come in various sizes, starting from 4 ounces to an extent as large as you require. 

The primary purpose of glass jars is served here, meaning you can refrigerate them for 3 to 6 months and store them until a year. Many people use them interchangeably as spice jars, which are also perfect for Christmas presents.

Clear Glass Square Bale Wire Jars

These are the most functional yet attractive jars of the seven listed here. They are square-shaped with a rounded corner which makes them easier to grasp. Most of them come with a zinc-plated metal lid that provides a strong and secure air seal. They are square-shaped with rounded corners, making it easier to grasp them.

They can be used for jams, jellies and any solid substances but non-functional when it comes to liquid storage. Most wholesale manufacturers also assist with transporting the glass jars and lids, but if they don’t ensure a thorough check of the trucks or vehicles used for transportation. You could take advantage of the auto parts wholesale if you have a complete supply chain and transportation system.

Glass Skep Jar With Metal Lids

The design of this bottle resembles a natural bee hive, and the nature of this glass skep jar, being wide, allows for a variety of uses. People use it to store jams, jellies, honey, thick sauces, and other semi-solid substances. It is most widely used for gifting purposes such as a return gift at weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. 

These are the cutest in the collection. Skep jars could be your perfect pick when you are too confused to choose what would go right for an ideal party favor. They come in various sizes, thus allowing enough room to experiment safely.

Hexagon-Shaped Jam Jars With Customized Lids

Hexagon-shaped jam jars are suitable for storing thick liquids like honey, jellies, jams, and even craft items. When packed in sets, these jars give a premium look to kitchens owing to their structure.

You can even customize your hexagon jar lids in such a way that they can be used as perfume bottles as well. The box is as important as the container inside it. Just make sure that the packaging is eco-friendly, beautiful, and sustainable at the same time. Perfume boxes wholesale are a better option when needed in bulk. They personalize the packaging, labels and the colors according to your brand.

Glass Mason Jars

Mason jars are so much in fashion nowadays. They are used equally for storage and decorative purposes. You can pop in some fairy lights inside them and use them as hanging lights to make your home look like a dream. 

Glass mason jars look great with antique silver lids which seal the pot like a vacuum. They are best used for preserving recipes such as freshly made jams, salsas, syrups, and fruit pulps. Mason jars also work great for wedding favors and other gifting purposes.

Light Bulb Glass Jars

As the name sounds, the jam jars are transformed to appear in the form of light bulbs. These bulbs work great with twistable silver caps, and it’s effortless to fill them up with sand, marbles, jellies or other minuscule things. Light bulb glass jars can also be filled with various things such as marbles, pebbles, and sparkles and hung decoratively. These jars rank 2nd when it comes to crowd’s favorite choices in parties.


Glass material allows repeated use and saves a ton of time in maintaining them. They can also tolerate extreme temperatures. They aren’t corrosive, chemicalized, or acid-blocked due to their resistive properties. 

Wholesale suppliers usually customize jars in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They also offer jam jars with holes in the lids that may come with straws made up of wood, glass, steel, and even a biodegradable material of your choice.

The process always starts with identifying your requirements, showing you the samples, and customizing them per your business or personal needs. Make sure to consult a specialist before buying in bulk.