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Skin Purging – Use, Work And Mistakes.

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The English term skin purging hides a so-called initial skin aggravation, which intends to bring about the targeted renewal process. This term means English words “skin” for skin and “to purge”, which translated would mean “cleansing skin”.

In the first few days after the treatment, pimples and blackheads often appear. How so? Because the deep deposits in the skin are now coming to the surface. Depending on the number of residues dissolved from the pores, there may be severe impurities on the skin for a short time.

The fact that the skin reacts with pimples is an average side effect that should not cause concern – quite the opposite: in skin purging, pimples are a desired sign that the method is working and an important intermediate step towards clear skin. Salt facial typically involve a combination of sea salt, essential oils, and other natural ingredients that are mixed together to create a paste or scrub.

What Is Skin Purging Use?

The beauty method is used most frequently by users who struggle with skin imperfections in the form of pimples or acute acne. By freeing the skin of old deposits and unclogging pores, impurities are quickly a thing of the past.

But people who want a healthy-looking, even complexion with a beautiful glow also use skin purging because of the improved cell regeneration and the skin renewal process to shine vital and smooth.

The treatment also has an anti-ageing effect, so mature skin types can also benefit from it. In addition, because the acids stimulate collagen production, the skin has significantly more elasticity.

How Does Skin Purging Work?

In the meantime, this facial skin process is deliberately used for facial care to get rid of impure skin, inflamed pimples and a pale, uneven complexion. In addition, the so-called active ingredients used in facial cleansing operate like a pore-cleansing peeling.

After the skin gets used to the regular use of the active ingredients and the pimples have subsided, a healthy complexion appears that has become purer, more even, smoother and more radiant.

Would You Like To Try Skin Purging At Home?

If you have the proper care products, you can use these instructions as a guide:

First, the face is cleaned with a mild washing lotion, even if you should use a peeling later. Clean skin is the basis for optimal absorption of active ingredients. The cream, serum or peeling then works into the skin with gentle, massaging movements and without pressure. Please don’t rub too hard with peelings either. Unlike mechanical peelings, chemical peelings do not require rubbing and unfolding their effect simply by applying them.

Furthermore, you do not have to wash off the products after a particular exposure time. However, I advise you to use the products in the evening so that they can work overnight without any immediate reactions becoming visible.

Overall, the total duration of the treatment runs from beginning to initial aggravation to the healing process of the skin. It is essential that you go through with the treatment and not interrupt a phase because you have gotten impurities. Only if you go through the procedure ultimately will there be an improvement.

It supports the regeneration of the skin and thus promotes a permanently refined complexion.

How Long Does An Initial Aggravation Last?

An initial aggravation can last longer or shorter depending on the individual skin condition. Usually, however, the process completes in 1 to 3 months. On the other hand, the process sometimes takes just a few days for people with only minor blemishes.

Which Active Ingredients Trigger The Skin Purging Process?

Due to their deep-cleansing effect, some active ingredients cause a significant reaction in the skin.

For example, products with retinol or vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA)/alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) cause visible skin reactions. Cosmetics with retinol are trendy because, in addition to pimples and acne, they are also effective against signs of skin ageing. Vitamin C ensures an even, glowing complexion by stimulating collagen formation.

Which Mistakes In Facial Care Interfere With Natural Skin Purging?

Significantly, you have patience with your skin. Healing always takes time after the desired renewal process starts immediately after the “injury”.

You should avoid inflaming newly formed blemishes at all costs. Instead, use an extra gentle facial cleanser that’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. In addition, your facial cleanser should have mild surfactants and a pH value adapted to the skin level.

Use moisturizers with soothing ingredients like panthenol, aloe vera, or allantoin. In addition, it is best to avoid degreasing products during this time, as they only further stimulate sebum production. Finally, please wear sunscreen on your face during the day, as skin is now even more sensitive to the sun.

What Makeup Should You Use In A Phase Of Initial Aggravation?

Of course, it’s best for your skin not to use foundation at all during a period of acute skin purging. However, there can always be a case where you have a necessary appointment and need coverage.

So if you still want to use foundation, it is advisable to take a close look at the ingredients and the quality of the product. Choose a high-quality antibacterial or non-comedogenic makeup that suits your skin type and contains nourishing extracts.


Skin purging – It means the phenomenon that our skin frees itself from old deposits in the pores by carrying out a deep-acting facial cleansing. Thorough cleansing removes dead skin cells, bacteria, residues of environmental influences, dirt and care products from the skin on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin.