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Curly Hair? Scrunch It Brush – The Best Way – 2022

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Scrunch It Brush – Getting a nice and defined loop can be complicated. If you don’t know the peculiarities of this type of hair and the methods available to do it.

Just as many women with straight hair must go through a ritual of straightening or conditioning their hair. Daily (or often) to make it look beautiful, curly hair is not exempt from this type of care.

How To Take Care – Scrunch It Brush

Although curliest hair seems magnetic to us and, in many cases, exotic (what woman with straight hair hasn’t wanted to wear an afro one day). It tends to suffer from a certain dryness precisely due to its architectural fibers.

This spiral shape prevents the hair’s natural oils from reaching all of the hair. For this reason, one of the most mutual recommendations when caring for curly hair is to do without shampoos.

Likewise, if we have curly hair, it is advisable to avoid using hair products that contain parabens, silicones or alcohol denat. The reason is that these compounds leaving residues on the hair. The process of removing can only be done with sulfates (enemies of hydration).

Dry brushing is not recommends for this hair type, especially between washes. However, it may happen that, in some cases detangling after showering is safer.  In this is case it is best to untangle dry with the help of a leave-in conditioner to soften and avoid damaging the fiber.

Combing Care – Scrunch It Brush

Combs with wide teeth are the most suitable for curls, although we can also resort to detangling by hand (without a comb) to smoothen the detangling.

The best entity to do when you get out of the shower is to opt for microfiber towels to remove excess moisture and avoid wrapping your hair in the towel. So that it dries, as this will negatively affect the finish of the curl.

When it comes to drying curly hair, although many prefer to do it in the air, the healthiest option will be with the dryer at the lowest possible temperature (with a diffuser, if desired). This way, we will largely avoid frizz and favor its definition. In addition, by not abusing the heat, we will be protecting the hair fiber and preventing it from dehydrating.

Drying your hair in this way (especially at a certain distance from the roots) prevents hair loss and weakening problems.

Defining Techniques With Scrunch It Brush

Defining Techniques With Scrunch It Brush

In this technique it will allow us to achieve the most definition. It is about pressing the hair with the help of the hands, with energetic movements from bottom to top (what is known as scrunch“).

It is done on still damp hair, applying the definition or fixing the product we prefer. And it is necessary to review all the hair to achieve a consistent result.

It is necessary to wash it and treat it previously with the moisturizers and definition products that work best for us.

Depending on the hair volume or the needs of each mane, we can let the hair dry completely in the cap or use the diffuser dryer after the time we want (about 30 minutes would be the standard).

If our hair is very voluminous and we prefer it, we can use a cotton shirt instead of a hat to perform the same “wet plopping” technique (as shown in the previous video).

This curl definition technique, also known as the “shingling” method, is labor intensive but effective. It consists of going over each curl with your fingers soaked in conditioner, exerting downward pressure to stretch them completely and releasing when you reach the tip.

We achieve the same effect as gift bows, which curl when subjected to tension with scissors.

Unlike the “finger coil” technique, with this method, the natural curl defines without forcing its finish, something that achieve with the following one.

Care To Maintain The Curl

Curly hair appreciates treatments such as pre-poo, a pre-shampoo routine to hydrate the hair. It can include applying masks or oils throughout the hair for a few minutes, hours, or while we sleep. It depends upon the needs of each curly hair. What is essential in the “pre-poo” is the subsequent step of washing.

Another appropriate technique for curly hair is the co-wash” or hair wash with conditioner. It means replacing the shampoo with the conditioner in a few washes to avoid the aggressive effects.

The “clarify” technique consists of sporadically using a clarifying shampoo with sulfates to eliminate accumulated dirt (grease, environmental residues and the product remain).

Dyes and highlights always negatively affect the definition of curls, so if we decide to subject our hair to it, we must accompany the process with a moisturizing treatment that repairs the cuticle. As well as using it at home helps in maintaining the hair.


Scrunch it Brush – It is a hairbrush used to maintain the curls. Hairbrushes are of different varieties. Most people having curly hair use the scrunch brush as it helps in giving a proper style to hair.

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