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Scoop Tongue Piercing – Types – 2022

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tongue piercing – A lot has happened in the industry in recent years. In addition to proven classics such as the navel, nose, or eyebrow piercing, new and highly unusual piercings represent an absolute novelty.

All tongue piercings created remain unequal. We’ll show you what the variants are, the risks, and what else you need to know before you do.

Often, the piercings combine with tattoos, especially in adults who were not used to this model. Of course, these are very different tendencies, but in both cases, you need to have further information before permanently changing any part of your body.

Piercing – The Different Possible Types

Almost everyone knows the classic  piercing, which locates in the middle of the muscle. Here are the different variations –

Classic Piercing

The most well-known tongue piercing is that sits vertically in the centre of the tongue. Typically, a bar with a ball (barbell) about 16 mm long and 1.2-1.6 mm thick is used as the jewel.

Gift Piercing

If a simple tongue piercing is too dull for you, you can wear several piercings next to each other or one after the other. The so-called poison piercing is a double piercing, with one on the right and one on the left placed vertically above the tongue muscle.

Piercing Shovel

At first glance, the scoop piercing looks like a venom piercing. However, the shovel is only a surface piercing that is not pierced through the tongue muscle but only through the tongue’s skin.

The surface piercing usually heals after two weeks. However, it can be annoying, especially when eating, and taste perception remain affected.

Frenum Piercing

Another variation of tongue piercing is the frenulum piercing, also known as a Marley piercing. Here the tiny frenulum (similar to the smiley piercing) is pierced under the tongue. In addition, there is a risk that the frenulum arises, for example, when eating, stepping on or tearing.

Snake Tongue Piercing

The middle of the tongue remains pierced, and the tip decorates with one or more piercings. Since the piercing resembles a snake’s head.

Unfortunately, the snake piercing is not entirely harmless. The healing process can take a long time and can also lead to speech disorders, taste irritation, and tooth damage.

How To Make A Tongue Piercing

Before the piercing, use an insect repellent to clean your mouth and mark the desired piercing spot.

Immediately after the piercing, the tongue usually swells. Because of the swelling, the piercer must insert a slightly longer plug first. If the jewellery is too short, the piercing can put a lot of pressure and pain on the wound. If the bar is too long, it interferes with chewing and can also damage teeth.

Tongue Piercing – How Painful Is It?

The pain of a piercing depends entirely on how severe your pain is. Because it is relatively thick and attached to the nose, it is not as painful as, for example, a classic ear piercing that pierces through the skin. The good news is that the rat race ends after a few seconds.

Even a piercing is not entirely harmless. In addition to inflammation, the following problems may arise:

Damage To Teeth And Gums

The most significant risk with a piercing is damage to the teeth, enamel and gums. The piercing is in constant contact with the teeth – be it talking, chewing, or playing with the piercing.


The trend of piercing was at its peak in the 90s, but even today, it is one of the most common types of piercing, and that is tongue piercing. As the name suggests, it is the jewel of the tongue.

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