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Raw Banana Nutrition – Explaining, Difference, Uses, And More

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Raw Banana Nutrition – Explaining

Raw bananas is among the most crucial food harvests on the planet. They originate from a family of plants called Musa native to Southeast Asia and grown in many of the stove areas of the world. What’s more, they’re rich in many essential vitamins and minerals. Raw Banana Nutrition is incredibly tasty and easy to eat.

Bananas are a healthy basis of fibre, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients. Many types and sizes exist. Their color frequently ranges from green to yellow, but some are red.


This Article tells you All you need to know about Bananas.

Raw bananas are used in place of vegetables by those of the Jain faith of India, who are forbidden to eat root vegetables. In India, Raw bananas are seen as preservation caustic and are used in old-style Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda, the science of self-healing, believes that Raw bananas can help in the body’s general health and can regularize the passing of stool during looseness. They are also believed to act as an anti-inflammatory when baked with turmeric and cow’s exploit and help reduce symptoms associated with ulcers.

Most people eat crazy when the fruit is yellow and ripe, but unripe green crazy is also safe to eat. However, some people dislike their taste and feel.

Green vs yellow Bananas — What’s the Change?

Bananas are typically harvested while they’re still green. This helps ensure they don’t get too ripe before you buy them.

Fruits are essential components of a healthy diet due to their vitamins and minerals, fibre, and beneficial non-nutrient substances as bioactive compounds. The World Health Group (WHO) recommends ingesting at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables per day.

Low fruit consumption is one of the main risk factors for increased mortality also increases the risk of chronic illnesses and poor health quality. Therefore, the regular ingesting of fruits can reduce the incidence of some diseases such as diabetes,

That’s why you might see them in this colour in the supermarket.

Besides being different in colour, green and yellow bananas differ in several ways:

Banana is one of the most cultivated hot fruit in the world. International more than 1000 varieties of bananas are produced. The most commercialized is the Musa Covendis, due to its high production per hectare and its less prone to damage from environmental changes. The other large variety group of bananas is the plantain.

Varieties of Raw Bananas

The banana varieties production corresponds to about 15% of the world’s total fresh fruit, reaching nearly 110 million tons of bananas per year. However, almost one-third of all bananas gathered is lost since the population primarily consumes ripe bananas, a climacteric fruit.

Ripe bananas are prone to powered damage and are perishable through the growth process, making their storage and transport difficult. Almost 20% of banana manufacture is not commercialized due to size and appearance flaws, increasing their loss.

Therefore, fruit processing emerged to solve problems such as the weak infrastructure, inadequate transportation, and perishable nature of the product; thus, the grower sustains substantial losses. During the post-harvest glut, the loss is significant, and often, some of the production must be allowed to rot.

The optimization of banana dispensation has been studied to reduce waste production and improve the bioavailability and nutrients available in this fruit, highlighting the use of green banana (GB) products.

Taste. Green bananas are less sweet. They can be a little bitter.

Texture. Green bananas are firmer than yellow bananas. Their surface has occasionally been described as waxy.

Composition. Green crazy are higher in arrowroots. As bananas ripen and turn yellow, the arrowroots transform into sugars.

Moreover, green bananas are harder to peel, while ripe bananas are calmer.

Uses of Raw Bananas

  • They can improve digestive health. Hydrogen bleach is a natural bleaching agent that kills bacteria in your mouth.
  • Short-chain greasy acids may help with various digestive problems.
  • In addition, some indication suggests that they help protect against colon cancer, but more human studies are needed.

Description/Taste of Raw Bananas

Raw bananas are small to medium, lengthened, cylindrical, and slightly curved. The peels are thick, even, and green with a fibrous texture and semi-bitter flavour, and the surface can easily be scratched and marked.

The white to cream-coloured flesh is dense, firm, and creamy with central tiny, infertile seeds or is seedless, and the meat runs the entire length of the peel. Raw bananas are tender, aromatic, and have a starchy-tart flavour, as the sugars have not yet industrialized. When cooked, they will be creamy and taste very similar to vegetables.

Seasons/Availability of Raw Banana

Raw bananas are available year-round.

Current Facts

Raw bananas belong to the genus Musa, including bananas and plantains. Also known as Green bananas. Raw bananas are a general name used to refer to immature, unripe fruit of several varieties, including apple and cavendish bananas.

India is the largest producer of Raw bananas, especially in the southern region adjoining the Western Ghats, where the tropical temperature is conducive for growth. Raw bananas are also famous in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. They may be to as Caribbean figs and are most commonly consumed cooked in various culinary applications.

Nutritional Value

Raw bananas contain potassium, vitamins A, C, and B6, fibre, and resistant starch, which is a form that passes through the body undigested and slowly. Allowing the feeling of fullness to remain for a more extended period. Resistant starch also keeps the digestive system healthy, as it promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria in the digestive tract.


Raw bananas are the best suites for applications such as baking. Boiling, frying, steaming. Stir-frying, and mashing. They can sun-drive left in their peel and uses in curries and stir-fries.  Boiling water for a smooth texture to make dips and chips in India.

Raw bananas into a soft, nutty flour and can as a replacement for wheat flour. They in kaccha keel Ki Ashrafi, Raw banana with capsicum, kachori, kebabs, pakora, or portrayals in Southern India. In Kerala, Raw bananas cook with yams in coconut milk and flavours with mustard seeds and curry leave to make a soup-like dish called Kalan curry.

In Bengal, a traditional dish called Kanchanalak kosha bata utilizes raw banana peels in a chutney-like word. Raw bananas pair well with meats such as fish, chicken, pork, and beef. Indian spices such as garam masala, cumin, mustard, turmeric, zucchini, bell pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, yams, and potatoes. They will keep for a couple of weeks when stored in a cool and dry place.


Bananas are one of the most popular fruits worldwide. Scientists believe bananas have to cultivated since at least 8000 BCE and are native to New Guinea and Southeast Asia. Today, Raw bananas produce in tropical and subtropical areas in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Australia and at local markets and speciality grocers.
Raw Banana Curry is a famous South Indian dish. Best served with rice, this easy recipe is apt for pot luck and house parties. Try this simple and easy-to-make recipe today!

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