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Purple Brown Color – Dichroic, Work, Characteristics – 2022

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Purple Brown Color – It will depend on how the light indexes on it: if it is transmitted through the material, the cup will be purple, but if it is reflected, it will be brown. Details were published in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.


Vittorio Saggiomo and colleagues at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands created this cup from a mixture of gold nanoparticles with citrate, an acid derivative that makes lemons sour. The objective was to obtain a dichroic liquid, that is, one that changes color in different lighting conditions.

A transparent 3D-printable plastic was then chosen to dissolve in the liquid before the previous solution dries. The last thing was to give the entire mixture the desired shape through a 3D printer.

How Does Purple Brown Color Work?

How Does Purple Brown Color Work_

As mentioned at the opening, there are two possibilities: the glass turns purple or brown. The first case happens when light passes through the material. This is because the electrons on the surface of the gold nanoparticles absorb light at specific wavelengths but allow violet light to pass through the plastic.

On the other hand, nanoparticles also scatter light, reflecting it with a different wavelength. For that reason, when the cup is illuminating from another direction, it appears to be brown.

Characteristics Of Purple Brown Color

Purple hair color is diverse. The color palette contains many colors with different temperature and saturation levels. color itself combines two intense colors: blue and red. The predominance of one of them determines the color temperature: it can be hot or cold.

Color Is Not Universal – It Is Quite Controversial And Demanding

Also, the choice will be affecting the age. Purple hair color is irrelevant in children and the elderly set. In both cases, it doesn’t look pleasant. But if the girls, this can be a special children’s painting, washable with water, in the form of an old lady in purple, evokes nostalgia. It seems that the lady wearing purple ink and beauty and hair. The whole appearance of the whole, are devalued.

To Go With Purple Brown Color?

Any experiments with paint, despite the structure of the hair. It can be both straight and wavy Purple hair can give women a unique shape, not cross the beauty and femininity. It is terrible to say with absolute certainty that this is the color of any girl. He is capricious, and even two women can look very different, emphasizing glamour and destroying the image of the other. At the same time, the natural color of the hair is of great importance: the purple color perfectly suits the owners of the natural curls of the cold shade.

However, this does not mean that girls with more vivid shades of curls will have to abandon the popular shades. They can also afford to experiment with different colors, and choose between one or another painting technique. The most suitable for girls are dark hair color and owners of light brown curls color.

At the same time, the Nordic appearance can mean not only grey but also blue and brown eyes. It is not necessary to paint the hair in autumn purple owners of facial features (a girl with red hair). In this case, adding a set of purple color will give the person a painful yellowish hue. In Spring and summer, Valais will have to use purple with mid-tones of pink. For example, it can be a shade of fuchsia.

In terms of complexion and age, purple hair color looks better on a skinny girl from this point of view. If they still lose a forgivable tone in adulthood, such as paint can look if it’s not comical, it’s old-fashioned.

Combination With Other Colors

A purple tint can be combined with the hair’s natural colour and pick it up to different contrasts. Thus, a second color can change the perception of the basic violet tint. For example, the combination of black paint will fill the Gothic image, but here you have to pay meticulous attention to the dominance of purple. You can bet on the color and warmth pink tide.

The blue-violet contrast looks creative and fresh. Owners of winter facial features as a combination add aristocratic notes. This staining is done from top to bottom initially, from dark to light. In addition, there will be fitting and coloring. Hair length at the same time can not only belong: short hair will look bold and original.

How To Choose Hair Color

Basic rules From time to time, every woman thinks about how to change her appearance. And most often, the hair changes – if not their length, then the color. For the coloring to give a positive result and decorate you, it is important to follow not only the changing fashion but also some rules that will help you choose your hair color. Positive aspects of coloring Psychologists say that a radical image change can be beneficial.

An example of this is the many celebrities for whom the change in hair color has become a life change: If Norma Jean Baker hadn’t dyed her hair brown to blonde, people would never have known about Marilyn Monroe.

1The same goes for Madonna: Maria Luisa Ciccone remained little known until she said goodbye to her blonde curls and turned blonde. Dita Von Teese could not build a career as a blonde, but choosing curly hair, she became a burlesque star. Polina Gagarina transformed from plump brown hair into a slim platinum blonde and took second place at Eurovision 2015. natural color
Who Will Have Purple Brown Hair?

It is especially suitable for the owner of green or brown eyes and pale skin (therefore, it is ideal primarily for a winter or spring makeover). The color palette is extensive. Very organic, elegant color. Especially in combination with light skin and dark eyes.


Purple Brown Color – every color has its beauty and shade. Similarly, the purple-brown color has its uniqueness. You can mix different tones of this color to get attractive new shades. Prepare various browns from different combinations of primary and secondary colors. Then shuffle them to see the result they give.

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