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natural Write For Us contentNatural Hair Write For Us – The consequence is dry hair, which can break and lose all its shine since only an intact cuticle can reflect light.


Although hair does not burn in the sun, the skin underneath can burn, which needs protection. The more significant, the thinner or scarcer the hair is. Circular bald spots on the crown require high protection because UV rays affect the most time and time.

It is not only the bald who are in danger. People who have a good head of hair also have vulnerable areas, such as the temples, the parting if they comb with it, or the area behind the ears. These areas need an extra dose of sunscreen. The most suitable presentations are dry oil sprays or oil-free lotions.

Many organic cosmetics brands offer specific hair products with mineral sunscreens, but be aware that they can leave a grayish patina. The best filter is a hat, ideally with a wide brim. The most convenient hours to put it on are from ten to four in the afternoon.

Another way to guard yourself is to make a braid or a bun if you have long hair. In this way, most of the capillary surface protection from the sun. Before doing your hairstyle, you can put moisturizing cream on your hands.

If you have not protected yourself enough on some occasions and the scalp shows redness, the best thing you can do is apply an aloe vera gel or thermal water spray. With either of the two products, you will get the skin to calm down quickly. While the skin is red, avoid using other hair products to only contribute to further irritation. And in the following days, as in any sunburn, stay out of the sun.

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