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Meal Prep – With The Different Meals

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Meal Prep – The days are getting shorter; the colors are changing, and fall has arrived in Quebec! Does the lack of light and grey days affect your morale? Take advantage of a day at home to prepare several dishes for the week.

In addition to simplifying your life for work and the children’s lunches, it will allow you to have more time during the week to do things that make you happy. Here are six tips to help you adopt the “meal prep” technique more easily!

Open Your Fridge, And Look At Your Stocks

Open Your Fridge, And Look At Your Stocks

A good trick to be effective is to use foods you already have at home. Don’t worry too much and choose simple recipes that can cook a few days in advance without losing their flavour. Enhance everything with fresh ingredients purchased more recently at the grocery store, which keep for a shorter time, such as vegetables.

Meal Prep – Find A Time Slot That Suits You To Cook

Don’t put pressure on yourself for a particular time. If a weekday suits you better than weekends or if you suddenly want to cook on a rainy day. Too, but no matter when making sure you have all the ingredients on hand before going into “cooking” mode.

Buy Adequate Containers

Remember that “meal prep” involves cooking in large quantities for the week. Thus, it is essential to have adequate containers and proportion them in several amounts.

Meal Prep – The slow cooker is your ally

Chicken, pork, casserole The slow cooker can be a great ally when preparing large quantities of meals for the week! All you have to do is a blunder in a few foods, and you’ll get dinner ready for your lunches or weekday meals.

Cut Your Fruits And Vegetables In Advance

Cut Your Fruits And Vegetables In Advance

Cutting your fruits and veggies ahead of time will allow you to see them better in the fridge to add them to meal prep meals more easily. A bunch of uncut broccoli or celery is easily lost in a fridge drawer but cut into small pieces in a container, and it’s immediately more attractive!

Make A List, So You Don’t Cook Unnecessarily

The goal is not to constrain yourself with lists but rather to avoid spreading yourself thin and overdoing it. Everyone who has taken part in “meal prep” has made the mistake of getting carried away with recipes and overdoing it to waste food.

It is essential to create a calendar where you register when to eat which recipe. It will allow you to see the quantities you need, so you don’t overdo it. We waste food, time, and money when we don’t calculate!

When To Make The Best Meal Prep

The easiest time to prepare food is at the beginning of the week. With a bit of work on the weekends, you can schedule a week’s worth of healthy meals.

Before you start cooking, make a list of the foods you want to prepare. Know how many servings they make and when you plan to use them.

  • Buy all the ingredients at the same time.
  • Spend a few hours preparing meals.

Meal Prep Breakfasts

You’ll find my favorite food prep breakfasts below. They are great to grab on the way out the door, and you can even freeze some for lots of variety for your first meal of the day!

Chicken Fajitas

A tasty meal that is always unanimous at the table and prepared in advance. You can cut the vegetables and cook the chicken breasts beforehand (or use leftover roast chicken). On D-Day, we cook the vegetables and reheat the chicken and the fajitas. All that remains is to serve with cheese, salsa and sour cream.

The Chilli Con Carne

Dish par excellence. It is even better when reheated and supported. The recipe includes lentils, tomatoes, peppers and onions, ground beef, and crushed chilli flakes to spice it all up.

Meal Prep Lunches

I usually eat leftover dinner for lunch the next day, but I have to cook for myself. If you’re cooking for more people and you’re unlikely to have leftovers, you might want to pack yourself a lunch set. Here are my favorite ideas below.

Roast Chicken

What I love above all about roast chicken is that in addition to being simple to prepare and delicious accompanied by vegetables, its leftovers can use to schedule several other recipes! I’m thinking of chicken pies, vol-au-vents, and fajitas.

Portions can also use for salads, hot sandwiches or frozen for future use. Season the chicken with fine herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley), add garlic, lemon, and a little butter and put everything in the oven for about 1 hour for a successful chicken.


Meatloaf is slowly regaining its acclaim at the table, and with good reason. It is a dish prepared in advance, with lamb or veal and which is comforting and tasty. Serve with a salad or mashed potatoes.

Beef Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon is another dish with sauce that can be prepared in advance. The beef cubes sauteed with lardons or bacon, mushrooms, pearl onions and red wine. And also, a classic of French cuisine.

Meal Prep Dinners

You can prepare a fresh dinner every night or prepare a few meals in advance for busy nights. I prefer the slow cooker and Instant Pot food prep for dinner because you can cook everything all day or throw everything in and hit the start button.

However, you may also want to cook and deliver food for your nights when doing activities at night. These recipes are best suited for dinner and will give you the hot food you want.

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is timeless, makes children happy and can personalize as desired. Prepare in advance, and all that remains is to reheat it before serving. You can also use shredded duck confit instead of ground beef for a deluxe version.

Therefore, the meat is browned with the spices while the potatoes cook before mashing them. Then build our pate according to the formula “steak-corn-from-India-potato”.

Slow-Cooker Meals

Another trick that I find brilliant is to prepare all the ingredients for a slow cooker recipe in advance. In a refrigeration bag, put all the elements of the formula (vegetables and also, cut meats, spices, broths, etc.) and freeze everything.

The day before, we thaw the ingredients, and in the morning, we put everything in the slow cooker for the day. The house smells good on the way back, and also, the meal is waiting for us. The Marginal et Heureuse site offers about fifteen recipes that can plan, such as sweet and sour pork chops, teriyaki chicken, meal soups, etc.


Hence, meal prep – diet is a significant part of our healthy lifestyle. A proper meal makes diet maintenance pretty easy. Meal prep varies from feed to dinner, with meals for different hours.

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