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Makeup – There it is, the desire to transform! Maybe you don’t even understand how good you could look?

Of course, I’m happy to help you. With a few tips, you can beautify yourself in many different ways! But, of course, you have to practice a bit yourself.

When women make up, they want to feel good and beautiful afterwards. Generally and situationally to the respective outfit.

There are no unpleasant women, only severely made up. So please browse through my website and let yourself be inspired. You can try out many things and find the look that suits you.

How Can You Get Rid Of Pimples And Dark Circles?

Stylistic makeup tips – Which look or which colors suit my type? For example, smokey eyes. But also  colors for blue or brown eyes or styling with the right shades for the winter type.

Product-related tips – Which specific product is most suitable? Examples are the foundation and test, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, highlighter, mascara/mascara, eye cream, powder, lipstick and rouge. Or which  table, case, and mirror should you buy?

Basic Set Of Make-Up

The right makeup to apply, tools, and utensils are essential and make things much more manageable. So you should get a basic set of cosmetics. In the respective articles for the products, I give you specific tips for your purchase. You are very welcome to use my links. I receive a small commission, which does not increase the prices for you.

And Who Is Doing Makeup Here?

There have been many photo shoots, TV commercials, and fashion shows. But, for the bread and butter business, I have worked with many very different girls and women from the beauty & modelling industry.

Again and again, there were also a few highlights with celebrities.

  • Heidi Klum, especially at the beginning of her career in Germany
  • Stefan Raab at the Katjes spots
  • Hannelore Elsner and Franzi van Almsick at various advertising shoots and spots
  • Ingrid Steeger, Birgit Schrowange, Heino, Mareike Armado and one
  • Claudia Effenberg , with whom I laughed a lot on photo trips!

But not only the glittering world of stars and starlets has its charms, but also to prepare a bride with a wedding optically perfect for the most beautiful day in her life is still satisfaction and fulfilment for me!

I chose ordinary women as . I hope that this will help you identify better with the instructions. In addition, I consciously present the instructions to different types and age groups. And yes, there are also children and men involved in the makeup for the carnival!

I want to share my passion for beauty and cosmetics with you. It’s not just about learning and trying the proper techniques and avoiding mistakes. Makeup is a part of personal expression, of one’s self-image and thus also part of one’s personality development – and of course, education and social skills also play a significant role!

In this respect, It is also optimising one’s style and the external effect’s conscious examination.

But Beware!

It’s also a fine line; some things not only seem exaggerated and unnatural, but they are also. But, on the other hand, others deliberately rely on exaggeration and work precisely because of this!

This distinction makes dealing with beauty techniques a source of inspiration and creativity. In this context, perfect is not necessarily just an expression of perfection but also a sign of the personal effect. So, with the right and the best tips for an attractive appearance – that is the goal!

Practically all women in the world have to do their makeup. Few celebrities we see on film, television, or in the press have an alternative. You can be perfectly styled by a professional makeup artist and get the ultimate tips and the best trick there.

And How Do “Normal” Women Learn To Put On Makeup Properly These Days?

I’m always surprised that many women are reluctant to seek advice on makeup and beauty tips from a makeup artist in perfumeries or drugstores. They feel harassed and not taken seriously by the sales associates.

Eye Makeup Category

I demonstrate specific instructions for eye makeup only in the eye  category. Eye makeup is one of the most powerful ways to shape personal expression, depending on the situation. But for a party or another event in the evening, the eye makeup can be much more expressive and seductive.

I think that made-up eyes have to match the overall appearance. Therefore, most tips for eye makeup are in the top looks.


Makeup – It is a significant part of a women’s lifestyle. Many women, irrespective of how they look, love to apply makeup. It comprises of many things depending upon the occasion and style of clothing.

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