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How Anti Gravity Treadmill Physical Therapy Is Boosting Effective Injury Recovery

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If you have been injured, your doctor will likely prescribe physical therapy. However, not all physical therapy is the same. It is typically customized to your injury. In addition, clinics have different equipment, such as anti gravity treadmills, that can help you with your recovery. Before you search for an “anti gravity treadmill near me ,” you should understand what they are and how they can benefit you.

How Anti G Treadmills Work

Originally developed for those on the International Space Station, the anti gravity treadmill uses air pressure to increase and decrease your weight as you walk or run on the treadmill. They have an air bubble that inflates around your body. The bubble gently lifts you off the treadmill. The lift reduces how much of your body weight you actually move when you are on the machine.

This machine actually measures your weight and calibrates your pressure reduction. It can reduce your weight by up to 80%, but it moves up by one percent at a time. You can feel nearly weightless as you walk or run.

Otherwise, the treadmill works like every other machine. Your reduced weight can help you increase your speed, up to 15 mph, and you can incline the machine to target specific muscles.

Benefits of Anti G Treadmills

Anti gravity treadmills support your body, keeping it in the proper position and keeping you from falling, tripping or otherwise hurting yourself. Because it reduces the amount of weight you have to move, this machine also allows you to maintain your muscle strength and gain mobilization. You can also increase your range of motion, lengthening your stride and increasing your plantar flexion.

These machines reduce stiffness. In addition, it can reduce stress on your joints and bones, as well as your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is especially beneficial for your knees and ankles, which receive significant stress during walking and running put on them.

They also keep your body in proper form. Because they are safe and comfortable and they reduce the stress on your body, these treadmills can help you recover from injuries very quickly. They prevent atrophy and reduce swelling while moving your body as quickly as possible. They can also be used in weight-loss plans.

As you search for the best physical therapy in Austin, TX, consider looking for a clinic with an anti gravity treadmill.

Who Can Benefit From Anti Go Treadmills

Anti gravity treadmills are especially beneficial for those with injuries due to the accelerated healing they allow. They also improve the body’s form, making sure the injury isn’t exacerbated.

In addition, they are great for runners and athletes who seek to increase their endurance without putting extra stress on their bodies. They also improve posture and balance, so they are great for those who need therapy for vertigo and other balance challenges.

If you have been injured and need to reduce your recovery time, improve your endurance and strength and increase your speed, consider finding a physical therapy clinic near me that has access to an anti gravity treadmill.

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