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Eye Buy Direct – Definition, Works, Available, And More

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Eye Buy Direct -Definition

Eye Buy Direct is an online company that sells treatment glasses for women, men, and children and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. The retailer offers an extensive collection of frames online, but you won’t find a brick-and-mortar store location. Still, you can try on your frames almost before conclusive to order them.

The company offers low prices, famous, stylish brands, and various lens types, including prescription and non-prescription options.

Works of Eye Buy Direct

Since there aren’t any physical sites, the only way to order glasses after Eye Buy Direct is online. Still, it’s a modest process that requires only that you have proper treatment from your eye doctor.

You can browse available eyeglasses, sunglasses, and makes when visiting the site. You can scroll down to find presented styles and collections.

Insurance, Returns, and Warranties

According to the website, prescription glasses from Eye Buy Direct are protected by out-of-network insurance policies. In addition, you’ll obtain a detailed purchase invoice to submit to your health insurance provider if you plan on claiming compensation.

If you’d like a supple spending explanation to pay for your Eye Buy Direct glasses,  use your FSA debit card or submit a claim later.

Regarding returns, Eye Buy Direct offers a 14-Day Fit & Style Assurance. The guarantee allows you to make a reoccurrence for a one-time replacement or refund — for any reason — within two weeks of receiving your order.

Available at Eye Buy Direct

There’s no shortage of selection at Eye Buy Direct regarding frame styles. Whether you’re looking for prescription glasses, medicine sunglasses, or non-prescription shades, you’ll find hundreds of options for men, women, and children.

In addition to Eye Buy Directs industry-standard quality frames, you’ll find Ray-Ban and Oakley’s frames beginning at $141. Eye Buy  Direct has also launched its premium brackets, RFLKT, presented preliminary at $70.

Frames are available in extra small, small, average, large, practice sizes, and multiple colors. In addition, you can browse eight dissimilar frame shapes and select from five other sources: acetate, titanium, flexible, wood, or metallic.

Lenses are made from unimportant CR39 and polycarbonate flexible. They come in six different obstinate indexes. You can also choose from slightly of the following lens types.

Eye Buy Direct is a great online shop for reasonable medicine spectacles and sunglasses.

If you’re buying regular frames and a single-vision lens system, you can expect to pay about $70. Progressives and other options cost more.

eye buy direct

To improve your savings, check out any current elevations on the home page, browse the on-sale selection, and reflect on mentioning an associate if you have a good experience. If you’re an apprentice or veteran, you get a 20% deduction.

Before placing your order, ensure you have proper preparation nearby and know your pupillary distance.

Eye Buy Directly aims to make high-quality prescriptions. As a result, Eyewear is readily obtainable and affordable to all who require it.

To make that vision a reality, the company says it designs and manufactures eyewear in-house and sells exclusively online to keep costs low — and those savings are then passed on to you.

But how do you know if this good online visual shop is right for you? We looked closely at the company and its products to help you decide if your following specs should come ~directly from Eye Buy Direct.

Types of Eye Buy Direct


Eyeglasses cost anywhere from $6 to $306. Promotion your lenses to make them solvent or add UV protection, anti-smudge, or dust and water repellent for a further $6.95 to $79.90.

Altering them into change glasses ranges from $35.95 to $119. And addition, blue light protection will cost an extra $19 to $116, depending on your choice.


Sunglasses start from $19 to $196. Stick with the basic lenses and select your tint color for no additional cost. Or upgrade to gradient, mirrored, polarized, or color-blind lenses for an extra $4.95 to $99.

Other Eyewear Options

  • Got your sights set on something else? Here are other online choices for your optical needs.
  • Glasses USA sells top brand-name prescription and also non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contacts.
  • Zinnia Optical offers affordable glasses manufactured in-house.
  • Warbly Parker lets you try five frames at home for free and sells contacts.
  • Eye conic has many popular designer prescriptions and also non-prescription eyewear and contacts.
  • Blenders Eyewear sells fun, colorful eyewear at a low cost.

Company Policies and Customer Service

Shipping, returns, warranty

Eye Buy Directs company policies are a prescription for customer satisfaction:

Free shipping for orders over $99. Available in the US individual.

14-Day Fit & Style Promise. If your glasses don’t fit your arrival or style, you can argue them for a novel pair or get a repayment within two weeks of getting them.

365-day product guarantee. If there’s a flaw in the physical or quality of your glasses within the first year, you’re eligible for a replacement pair.

Both guarantees come with a tiny caveat: you may have to pay a shipping fee for an extra duo.

Also, if you use a voucher code, recite all the promotion details. For example, after frequent glasses bought with a discount coupon, some customers were offensively surprised by their refund.

Client service

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Eye Buy Direct an A+ rating. While some customer complains about issues getting their money back, the company always addresses it and appears to issue refunds.


Eye Buy Direct has a ton of glasses at solid prices but not many brands to choose from. So if you’re looking to shop for all the latest designers, the company may not be your best optical choice. But, on the other hand, it’s also not a countless option if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your glasses, sunglasses, and contacts.

But if you’re observing quality glasses at a realistic price with some pretty cool customization selections, Eye Buy Direct is worth a closer look.

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