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Croc Heels  – Elevating Style To New Heights

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Do you wear your Croc Heels everywhere but hate that you can’t wear them to a board meeting because of, you know, social norms?

Well, you’re in luck. Crocs, perhaps the world’s most controversial shoe brand, has released a high-heel version of its iconic clogs. And inexplicably, the new $55 shoes have been flying off the shelves.

High Heel Crocs

High heel crocs

Even if you find Balenciaga’s Madame Mules to be one clog over the line, they’re clicking for Balenciaga fans: the high-heeled mules nearly sold out in mere hours.

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Designer Crocs

Designer crocs

When I come across ugly shoes, it makes me sad. When my eyes cross paths with ugly designer shoes (such as these black plastic “Glove” pumps by Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa), it makes me weep. Quite literally. And even more so in this case because this particular black footwear atrocity bears a striking resemblance to Crocs (if you’re unfamiliar with the mind-numbing gardening sandal sensation, please see the image below).

Karl’s version is meant to be inspired by Lagerfeld’s staple driving glove, hence the name of the shoe & the resulting aesthetic: small multi-perforations & bigger holes meant for knuckles. However, I don’t buy it. I don’t look at this peep-toe pump & automatically think, “Glove, Yes!”. I guess, “Crocs. Hell No!”.

Heels Crocs For Women

Heels crocs for women

The Women’s Cyprus V heel was initially listed for $44 on the Crocs website before going on final sale for $17.99, but the shoe is no longer available.

Crocs also make various heel styles, including wedges, block heels and slingbacks. The footwear company did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The ugly fashion trend has put its best foot forward, and high-end designers are embracing the moment and leaning in with their riffs.

Balenciaga paid homage to the past with their Croc-inspired designs like platform clogs that debuted last October at Balenciaga’s spring 2018 Paris Fashion Week show. And now the luxury fashion house teased pictures on Instagram of a hot pink pair of stilettos with a familiar look.

Balenciaga Crocs

Balenciaga crocs

Even for Balenciaga’s out-there Crocs collabs, the Madame Mule is a pretty imposing creation.

Remember those platform Crocs that Balenciaga first showed in 2017? It’s fair to say that the Madame makes them look tame — heck, those platform Crocs look positively de rigueur by now. It shows creative director Demna Gvasalia’s gift for predicting and even shaping trends, if not taste.

The platform Crocs is coming back in heavy-duty form for Spring/Summer 2022, demonstrating that Balenciaga knew it was a good thing way before everyone else.

What’s one way to never ever get hit on? Easy! Wear Balenciaga’s Croc Madame, their heeled green Croc. The piece made its bulbous rubber debut for spring 2022 and promptly went viral. A heel on a Croc? People hate/love to see it. Fast forward a year later, I’ve put this unsightly but haute rubber clog, which retails for $625, on my dainty princess-like feet. With a denim skirt, black tights, and a leopard print shirt, no less.

This isn’t the first time I’ve test-driven a Balenciaga ugly shoe. My phalanges are used to Maison’s eccentric soles. Last year, I walked around in their heeled-toe shoes, a collaboration with the techy Vibram’s FiveFinger. I felt weirdly sexy in them, almost feral. Something about having each toe visibly defined adds a bit of mischief that a standard boot can’t do.

Croc Heels Price

Croc heels price

Balenciaga first made Crocs high fashion in 2017, when the two last collaborated. Now, the luxury brand has made Crocs… high heels. Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection —”Clones” — brought the rubber clogs to new heights, debuting some unique Croc stilettos in green, grey, and black, as well as some more acceptable knee-high Croc boots.

Crocs are super hot right now — and Balenciaga knows it. Despite the rubber shoe brand selling its versions of platform clogs and wedges, there’s never been a Croc design like these. The stiletto iteration could market to a new type of consumer, though — think Victoria Beckham, heel-aficionado, who said she “would rather die” than wear Crocs. Now, consumers can hit the clubs post-pandemic without ditching their comfy house shoes.

Croc Heels Price Ranges from – Rs.1000 to Rs. 8000.

Crocs Heels Amazon

Crocs heels amazon

Following are the different crocs heels according to Amazon.

Women Fashion Sandals – Rs. 4995/-

Women Debi Fashion Sandals – Rs. 4495/-

Women’s Brooklyn Heeled Sandal – Rs. 5495/-

Crocs Heels Flipkart

Crocs heels flipkart

According to Flipkart, details are as follows:

Women Brooklyn Strappy Lowwedgew Black Heels Sandal – Rs.4945/-


Crocs have always been a staple in comfort and fashion. However, with all the new trends, they’ve taken a back seat to more chic options. But that’s about to change! The Croc heel is here, and it’s time to get ready! Here’s what you want to know about this new trend: when you can wear them and where you can find them.

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