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Contour write for usWhat Does Contour Mean?

The meaning of the word contour is pondered by people interested in words and who love to research. So the meaning and origin of this word, which is curious both in the TDK dictionary and the search engines, is investigated by language and literature enthusiasts.

So what is the correct meaning of the word contour according to TDK, what is the origin of the word contour, and how many meanings does the word contour have? Here are those who are curious about the word contour and example sentences.

How to make a contour?

Contour makeup should enhance your natural face shape. Therefore, it should be designed differently for everyone, depending on the bone structure and face shape. However, the following chapters can follow for contour makeup:

  • Prepare your skin
  • Shadow
  • Highlight
  • Blusher
  • Mix

Contours are finishing with what is the simplest?

When contouring, you will need two colours, light and dark. It is a professional method to emphasize the contour even more by applying the light colour to the places where the dark colour ends while shadowing with a dark colour contouring. You can use the outline directly on your skin or over your foundation or BB cream.

How to Contour and Lighting?

While contouring the areas we want to size on our face, we also illuminate the areas we want to stand out. The products you can use while contouring;

Bronze powder powders (When choosing powder, choose products containing cold, ashy tones. Contouring makeup will not have a natural appearance, as reddish tones can cause a stain-like appearance on the skin.)

Two-sided products in pencil form (You can also choose products in pencil form, which can be used as dark on one side and illuminating on the other.

How to Make a Face Contour?

Highlighting and contouring have been the biggest rave for beauty fanatics worldwide. The makeup world has known this method for a long time, but it wasn’t popular until celebs like Kim Kardashian began to share their beauty tips via social media. Today, you will learn how to highlight and contour to achieve the flawless look all your favourite celebrities have!

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