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How is a Wig made?

Celebrity Wigs – Tokyo Styles: I usually sit in front of the wig block and first think about the whole creation. From this, I create the base and the tint. Next, I adjust the hairline. Once that’s done, I go into styling mode. An average session (also called a wig) lasts about two hours.

How do you choose the best Wig style for your customer?

AG: First, I look at the symmetry of her face. The thickness should be measured when a woman doesn’t want anyone to know she’s wearing a wig but wants to look fabulous. If the hair is too thick, it will not look natural.

How did you choose the color of the Wig?

TS: I like wearing Manic Panic hair, and they already have unique colors I can mix and match to get my desired look. It makes my job so much easier.

AG: I take my client outside into the sunlight. To compare the wig’s reproductions and to color her eyes. For example, a woman with brown eyes will look great with brown highlights because the gold and brown tones complement each other well.

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