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How to Increase a Conversion Rate: Top 11 Tips for Your Business Site

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Tips for Your Business Site – Internet marketers, SEO specialists, and product managers fight for an increase in the site’s conversion rate. In large projects, an entire team of professionals solves a difficult problem – how to make the user buy the product offered and gamble at ऑनलाइन कसीनो, and preferably more than once.

Allowing for simplification, the answer can be formulated briefly and clearly – provide visitors with human service, to which it will be pleasant to return. But in practice, such advice can include a myriad of nuances. Here are useful tips on how to increase the conversion rate of the site, making small changes to it.

Optimize the Download Speed

Slow site = dissatisfied visitor. And a dissatisfied visitor doesn’t make purchases. You can check page load speed with Google Page Speed Insight. Increase the speed by optimizing images, reducing CSS code, caching, and other technical means.

Check the Adaptability for Mobile

This advice seems obvious. But if it were really true, then every third site would not have so many problems with display on mobile. The most frequent sufferers are:

  • Sliders – they can be too big or, on the contrary, too small, they are often inconvenient to flip through.
  • Buttons and links not adapted to finger pressure.
  • Distances between paragraphs of text, headings and illustrations.
  • Filters and sorting in catalogs.
  • Pictures in product cards.

Fixing minor flaws in the mobile version will help to significantly increase the percentage of conversion of the site without major rework costs.

Conduct a Technical Audit for Tips for Your Business Site

Technical flaws, even imperceptible at first glance, may have a negative impact on conversion. Broken links, crooked scripts, non-working forms – you need to find and fix it in time. Useful programs for audit are NetPeak Spider and Screaming Frog.

Add More Communication Channels

Phone and email as a means of communication by 2022 is partially irrelevant. Most users have gone to messengers. Give users the opportunity to contact you in their preferred way. And for communication with clients in messengers to be convenient for the manager, connect your CRM system.

Take Care of Navigation

If the user can’t find what he was looking for within 20-30 seconds, he will leave the site. So, the menu – both the main and catalog – should be structured, clear, concise. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sure to make a separate page with a list of categories – drop-down menus are not always convenient to use.
  • Structure your site – place the most important blocks at the beginning of the list.
  • Place the most important links in the footer.
  • Use tags – this is useful for both navigation and SEO.

Separately, it’s worth working out the filters and sorting the directory. The basic rules:

  • There shouldn’t be many filter categories – unless you sell complex industrial equipment or household and computer equipment.
  • There should be no meaningful or complete duplicates in the categories.
  • The user must see the number of available variants of the product with the given parameters.
  • Avoid “endless scrolling” on the category pages – it is better to make a pagination with a controlled number of cards per page (10, 50,100).

Configure Search – Tips for Your Business Site

The presence of the search bar – just part of the usability and tools to increase site conversion. It’s important for the user to make it easy to search. To improve the site search:

  • Adjust the results for errors, typos.
  • Offer similar options, if the exact match doesn’t find the product.
  • Include autofill form and display suitable options – preferably with pictures.
  • Make it easier to fill out forms.

People by nature are lazy. If you have to fill in a lot of fields to buy a product, and then enter captcha, the likelihood of purchase is greatly reduced. Name, phone number, delivery address – this information is quite enough to place and deliver an order. Even the field with the electronic form can be made optional.

Specify Information About Shipping and Payment

General provisions – available transportation companies, delivery terms and price – it’s desirable to specify right in the product card. A separate page should contain detailed information. If your goods can be picked up at a pickup point, place a map with signs on the site.

It’s important to stipulate the conditions and terms for returning the item. The user is more likely to make a purchase if he has guarantees.

Refine the Product Cards

The value of site conversion depends largely on how much the seller manages to “show his face”.

Among the typical mistakes of online stores:

  • Fuzzy, small photos with no ability to enlarge.
  • Unintelligible descriptions consisting only of characteristics – centimeters, amps, hertz, etc. The consumer – especially if it’s a mass-market product – needs to be explained in understandable language. Is it a loud speaker or a medium speaker? How many hours of battery life?
  • Lack of reviews and ratings.
  • For stores selling clothes and shoes – lack of explanations of the size grid. Different manufacturers have sizes indicated by the same number or letter are different. Therefore, you need to attach a table to the cards with the indication of the metrics.

Specify the Prices are the Tips for Your Business Site

Many vendors still play a “guessing game” with visitors. But nothing good comes of it. Even if the price of an item is calculated individually, you should spell out its average value, with an appropriate caveat. So the potential buyer will have a reference point. Prices are also an important commercial factor in the site’s ranking in search engines.

Upload More Photos and Videos

Demonstrate the product in action. Publish reviews and testimonials from opinion leaders. No one wants to buy a pig in a poke. Before buying the users try to collect as much information about the product as possible, including visuals. So provide it.

Give Users a Voice to Tips for Your Business Site

Social proof – ratings, written and video reviews – are an important part of the buying decision process. Even negative points a brand can turn in its favor by working through them carefully – offering a solution to a problem, giving the customer a discount, or simply expressing a willingness to cooperate.

It’s a good idea to create a site to generate user-generated content. You will have to take care of moderation and extra space on the server to store information. But when potential buyers see how your product is useful in practice, or can discuss it with other visitors to the site – conversion is likely to increase, and so will the reputation of the company.

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