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Sonny General Hospital Spoilers – A Complete Overview Update – 2022

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Sonny General Hospital Spoilers: Differences Between Sonny And Michael?

Sonny General Hospital Spoilers – Spoilers and updates from General Hospital hint that Sonny and Michael Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard, Chad Duell) relationship may not end forever! At least according to a recent Instagram post from GH star Maurice Benard!

General Hospital Spoilers – ET, Come Home!

The Instagram post itself has the character of Maurice talking to Michael and saying that people always ask him if Sonny and Michael will ever get back together. He tells Sonny likes Michael and he’d like nothing more than a big reunion! However, the “Michael” to which it seems to refer is strangely reminiscent of the “ET” or perhaps the extraterrestrial from the documentary “Alien Autopsy” by Jonathan Frakes, the husband of Jeanie Francis!

There’s also a sign above the table that says “ET Michael” with “Area 51” on it, so it’s thought-provoking – Maurice has lots of pets, including Buddy the Goat! But no one heard him mention an alien pet named Michael, and Sonny yells, “ET Michael is coming house?!”

GH Spoilers – Michael Corinthos Has Had Disputes With Sonny Corinthos Before

For longtime viewers, it may seem like Quatermain turned Michael’s head; Sonny adopted Michael when he was young and raised him as his son. AJ Quartermain (Sean Kanan), his biological father, barely knew him and had nothing to do with him.

His uncle, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), took care of him during his mother’s postpartum depression when Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) could not care for him. The last time Michael had a feud with Sonny was when he was tricked by Ava Jerome, now Kassadin (Mora West), into killing AJ. Michael was so angry when he first met his biological father that Sonny killed him and changed his name to Quatermain!

Sonny General Hospital Spoilers – There Is A Vast Expressive Distance Between The Two Now

Sonny General Hospital Spoilers

There’s a huge emotional distance between Michael and Sonny, the father who raised him now; he could be an alien in space while Sonny is on the ground! Maybe it was Maurice’s ironic joke when he talked to the rubber alien lying on the table with the Area 51 sign and called him “Michael”!

If Jason, by some miracle, managed to come back alive, he would be the only one who could now reunite father and son and mend their discord.

But even that isn’t certain because when Jason left, Sonny was upset that Jason and Carly’s wedding was authentic, walking into their wedding night! This time, it will take additional than Jason to patch the light-year rift between Michael and Sonny!

GH Spoilers – It Won’t Be For Sonny Corinthos’ Lack Of Trying If The Rift Not Healed

If the gap between Sonny and Michael never mends, it won’t be because Sonny isn’t trying, although it seems like they’re at an impasse right now! Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) tried to come between them, but Michael had such a case of hatred and revenge that it didn’t help much!

To make matters worse, Carly encouraged this and flirted with Drew Kane (Cameron Matheson), who refused to replace her Jason! As Michael’s uncle, he’s in a challenging position to try and stop him – he wants to be in the middle of the action!

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