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My In-laws Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 1 –

My family and husband killed me. They wanted my inheritance.

After returning to the past, I proposed a one-year contract marriage to Archduke Raphileon, surrounded by rumors of a cursed family, to protect my life and legacy.

Now I need to get a divorce safely.

“Madam, did you think you could leave me now?”

My new husband, who is a bit unusual, and even the whole in-laws, started to become obsessed with me.

Can I safely finish my revenge and get a divorce?

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  • Author(s) – Han Yoonseol; Seung-woo
  • Artist(s) – Seung-woo
  • Genre(s) – Drama, Fantasy, Full color, Historical, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo
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My In-laws Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 1

“I heard that Viscountess Verdi criticizes by her in-laws for being unable to conceive and that she told her to find a mistress right to her face.”

“My goodness, I heard that too! But I heard the impotent one is her husband.”

“You think that’s bad? My close friend got married recently, and her in-laws

got involved and tried to tell her how to care for her husband in bed!

“Oh my!”

The ballroom.

The ladies, mouths covered by their fans, were excitedly gossiping about that one topic. I, who had somehow gotten caught up in all of this, was doing nothing but sipping champagne.

“It’s been five years since I married, but they still check my dresses daily. Then, finally, they declare that I cannot bring down the dignity of the earl and come to inspect them each morning.”

“I have to report how much my husband eats each day. At this rate, they’ll ask me to check how many grams of sauce was on the meat he ate.”

Underneath the fancy chandelier.

The ladies dressed beautifully, looked at each other, and shared a long sigh. Then, all united in their stormy expressions.

Just because a woman and a man marry each other out of love doesn’t mean that love alone can help them.

The in-laws.

Although they are technically family, one’s relationship can never be as close as a true family.

The wives who had just sighed looked over at me, who had not said a word this time.

“Your Royal Highness Lapileon, you haven’t said anything.”

As if those words were a trigger, everyone’s eyes widened as they watched me.

Their flickering pupils clearly said, ‘You spill some tea, too.’

“Hasn’t it been a year since you got married?”

Had it already been a year? I hadn’t even realized.

“The Lapileons still have the early Grand Duchess, Gloria.”

“Wow, she’s still healthy?”

At the mention of Gloria’s name, everyone started trembling as if they had seen a ghost.

“To make things worse, His Excellency is quiet. But, at least our husbands are full of affection.”

“To think that she has to deal with His Excellency and Madam Gloria.”

“Oh my, now that I think about it, doesn’t the Lapileon family also have Sercia?”

“Ah! His Excellency’s older sister!”

Excuse me. I still haven’t said anything yet.

Why are you all looking at me with such pitying eyes already?

I looked slowly at the ladies who were chattering amongst themselves. Then, after putting down the empty champagne glass, I finally spoke.

“It’s true that Grand Duchess Gloria and Lady Sercia are there and that His Excellency is quiet.”

Everyone started tutting and offering words of pity. But, on their faces were sympathetic smiles that said, at least I’m better off than her.’

These people only felt superiority when they put someone below themselves—they felt relief in seeing the suffering of others.

They give at a gathering like this.

As I was about to speak, I felt an arm wrap around my waist.

“I finally found you, wife.”

A familiar scent and black hair tickled my cheek.

“W-we greet His Excellency…!”

At the sight of my husband, whom they’d called cold only a moment ago, everyone hurriedly offered their greetings.

However, my husband, Theodore Dane Lapileon, didn’t even spare them a glance and hugged me in his arms.

“I looked for you for ages. If I don’t see you for even a minute, I feel so anxious that I can’t breathe.”

As I always did at his minor complaint, I pushed his cheek away with my palm.

“It tickles, and too many people are watching, so get off me.”

As I said that, a small child popped up from the right.

“Your Excellency! Mom says it tickles! Hurry and get off of her!”

It was the heir of Grand Duke Lapileon: my legal son, Celphius Sultan Lapileon. The child pulled at Theodore’s uniform to pull him away from me.

“Yes, what kind of shameful act is that? Theo.”

A red-headed woman quickly removed Theodore from me before tending her tongue at him. Then, she smiled widely before spreading her arms wide toward me.

“Sasha! I’m here.”

“…Older sister Seci. You get off me, too; it tickles.”

It was Theodore’s older sister, Sercia Jane Lapiileon.

“Where is it itchy? I’ll scratch it for you!”

*TL/N: Itches and tickles are the exact words in Korean.

Behind Sercia, who had me tightly in her arms, she has popped up a tiny girl even more minor than Celphius.

“S-sister. Hug me too!”

One of Theodore’s only surviving blood relatives, Violet Lapileon.

“Violet, haven’t I told you you should address her as Her Royal Highness and not sister?”

Theodore’s uncle, Finneas Gun Lapileon.

And lastly

My In-laws Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 1 –

“Why are you making such a fuss in the ballroom?”

“M-Madam Gloria!”

Despite her white hair, Gloria Em Lapileon, the early Grand Duchess, was very healthy.

At the sudden appearance of the Lapileon family, the faces of the ladies whitened, and they couldn’t seem to lift their heads.

“It’s difficult to attend balls at this age.”

Gloria made her way to my side and sighed dramatically as she grabbed my arm. I smiled slightly as I supported her.

“You’re still so healthy.”

“Whenever I show up, everyone’s so busy trembling in fear. What about this oldie is so scary?” said Gloria, clicking her tongue as if chastising the ladies before her. But, as she had said, everyone in the ballroom seemed to have turned our way the moment she entered.

“Sasha,” Gloria called me affectionately.

“Hurry and choose if you don’t want us to follow you like this,” she laughed slightly.

“Should I give you a mine, or perhaps Lapileon land? I told you I would give you whatever you want since you saved us.”

“I don’t need anything.”

“If you don’t choose, I might give you the entire Lapileon duchy.”

Everyone gasped after hearing what Gloria said. I could feel their admiring gazes on me.

I looked at my in-laws standing around me so staunchly that it seemed they could part the Red Sea with a ruined expression.

‘…But I need to file a divorce.’

My problem is that my in-laws are too obsessed with me.

While all other living things came alive in the springtime, I was dying.

My husband, Siph, sat next to me and asked, “Does it hurt?” in a worried tone as if he had been waiting for this day.

“If you think you’re going to die, then just die. So why are you still breathing and clinging to this life?”

My husband had promised that he would love me. My love, who said he would make me happy?

There wasn’t a trace of the Siph who would smile shyly in front of me.


His lips, which had once given me happiness

“Just die already.”

It killed me.

“You have to die for the inheritance to be mine. I have a mountain of debt. But you love me, don’t you? So, you can do me this small favor and die, right?”

Siph moved the hairs that stuck to my sweaty forehead. I wanted to get up and slap that thick face. But strangely, my body would not listen.

“You can’t move, right?”

Siph smiled as if he had seen right into my mind.

“That’s because of the curse. It said that I could kill you with this. It’s expensive, but it was the best option to kill you without leaving any evidence.”

Your gray hair and those bright eyes haven’t changed at all. But inside, you’ve changed.

A teardrop that had caught on my eyelash rolled down my cheek.

At that moment, the bedroom door opened,

“Is she still alive?”

And I heard a voice dripping with disappointment. I got goosebumps all over my body.

‘How did I get here?’

When I looked around in dismay, I saw my stepmother and sister Reina, who was not related to me by blood.

“Like your father, your lifeline is quite long.”

“Don’t look at me with those eyes. He was the one who looked into your lifeline.”

They were my family that had always smiled so kindly at me.

My one and only family, that cried when I was having a hard time and rejoiced when I was happy.

“If he had written a will promising you the inheritance, this situation wouldn’t be happening… what a shame.”

Her words were thick with greed, and she looked different from usual. Her red lips turned up into a snake-like smirk.

“We could have had a good mother and daughter relationship.”

“Mom, does this mean we’re going to be rich?”

Reina giggled. Although she was someone that my stepmother had brought in from the outside, I had honestly considered her to be my sister.

Siph approached Reina and wrapped his arms around her waist. And as if telling her she was lovely, he kissed Reina’s left cheek.

“Of course, my princess. You had a hard time, right? That will all end today.”

“It’s okay, Siph. I believed in you.”

What? Reina was calling my husband’s name in a sickly sweet manner. My lower lip began to tremble. The sound of my heart racing spread through my entire body.

Can’t it be? It isn’t. It’s not what I think it is, right?

As if Reina had read my thoughts, she whipped her head around and looked at me. Then she threw her head back and cackled loudly.

“Did you think that Siph was your husband?”

“Siph married you because I asked him to, my stupid sister. So he pretended to love you!”

Siph kissed her neck as if he were tasting sweet honey. He smiled in support of Reina’s words.

Reina tugged hard on Siph’s hair and scoffed.

“How stupid. You didn’t know we were all waiting for you to die.”

There’s no way that’s true. He loves me!

However, in the eyes of the man hugging Reina as if she were precious, I did not exist.

Was it a three-person play from the beginning?

The husband I loved, the stepmother who loved me, and my amiable sister. All of it?

My heart was bitter. I felt trapped and frustrated. I was so angry that I thought it would be better to bite my tongue and die.

“After you die.”

My In-laws Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 1 –

My stepmother approached me as I lay immobile with a small cushion.

“We’ll use your inheritance well, so don’t worry.”

Without a change in her expression, she pressed the cushion to my face.

I couldn’t breathe.

I could see Siph and Reina lounging on the couch as they watched my stepmother, who was killing me without guilt, and me suffocating.

Therefore, Even after I die, I will never forget this.

Tears of anger spilled. My vision began to get darker. And, in pain, the last thing I heard before I died was the echo of Reina’s laughter.

I died. No, I thought I would die.

But I came back to life. On top of that, I returned to the past after receiving my inheritance and before I married Siph.

I don’t know the reason why I’m alive again. But if this is my opportunity, I won’t let it pass.

“I need to protect my life and inheritance.”

I can’t report people for things that haven’t happened yet. However, I won’t act like they think I will live this life.

“I’ll take what they want. I will thoroughly trample them and make them bow under my feet.”

To do that, I need someone to protect me and my inheritance. I need someone that can give me that kind of power.

“I’ve come to make a deal with Your Excellency.”

“A deal?”

“… Exactly one year. Marry me for one year.”

For a conversation discussing marriage, the tone was relatively light. It may have been out of the blue to the person sitting opposite me,  but it was my sole lifeline to me.

“How interesting.”

A man with a jaw-droppingly beautiful appearance looked at me from the opposite sofa, his chin propped.

He had hair as dark as night, which swallows everything, and eyes as red as blood.

He was so tall that even with heels, I had to look up at him, and he had such broad, built shoulders that just looking at him felt dangerous.

His uniform fit so tightly that you could see the outline of his muscular arms and thighs through it.

“What do you want?”

He was the rumored Grand Duke Theodore Dane Lapileon.

In the past, the Lapileon family was the first to be granted the title of Grand Duchy in recognition of its contributions to the late Emperor and the expansion of the Caster Empire. After that, they were the house that stood on the front lines when war erupted or when rebellions arose.

That’s right. I will use this man to get what I want.

When he bent his upper body, it looked like his uniform was in danger of ripping because of his muscles.

“Since our first meeting, you didn’t come here because you love me. And you must have heard the rumors about me floating around in the noble circles, so you didn’t come here looking for love either.”

He catches on quickly. It isn’t enjoyable.

“You must have come here looking for something else, so don’t waste time and say it.”

If looks could kill, his gaze could kill a million times over.

“The reason I came here?”

My body began to shake when I remembered my death again, but I clenched my fists.

“… My stepmother, my younger sister, and my former lover will murder me.”

“It looks like you had a nightmare, my lady.”

I could punch

No, I need to calm down. I need that, man.

“After they kill me, they will take my inheritance.”

He let out a low chuckle after hearing my words filled with certainty.

“You don’t need to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. For example, I heard you received a large inheritance, but you have many worries – most likely baseless.”

Yes, how nice would it be if, as he said, my worries were not based on evidence?

But to me, it’s not baseless. On the contrary, it is something I genuinely experienced in the past.

“Although it was a funny offer, let’s pretend it didn’t happen.”

Grand Duke Lapileon is obsessed with blood and also war.

This Grand Duke, calling it treatment, sent his heir, Selphius Sultan Lapileon, to the countryside and also, didn’t even look after him. Thus, the rumor that he was a barbarian spread.

He was forced to marry a lady that had persistently followed him but divorced after barely a month. Then, after receiving colossal alimony, his former wife disappeared, and the rumors came that Grand Duke Lapileon was a horrible man.

It is a rumor that he did not visit his wife once.

“Just as you don’t need my inheritance, I don’t have interest in the property nor a man so uninterested in women that he doesn’t spend the first night with her.”

“It would be good for you to return to your estate and drink a warm glass of milk.”

Thus, He’s the man that I need.

Although his personality is horrible is a downside.

While mocking me, Theodore stood up from the sofa to pull the bell rope.

Yes, I already knew you were this kind of a jerk.


I ignored his superior gaze and held onto his hand.

“Your Excellency needs a second wife by now.”

The reason he had left the land of the Grand Duchy and was staying at his residence in the capital was simple.

To remarry for appearances.

‘He was having a hard time now because the Emperor was trying to make him marry a young Princess.’

Theodore looked down at his hand in mine, frowned, and pulled away. Unfortunately, because he moved quickly, his finger got scratched on my ring and started bleeding slightly.

However, it seemed that Theodore didn’t even notice.

Perhaps it’s not women that he doesn’t like but physical affection?

Looking at Theodore’s slightly pale face, I apologized. “I’m sorry for grabbing you like that.”

“…Any more conversation is a waste of time. Go back, young lady.”

Although Theodore had a fierce expression like a predator, I was strangely unafraid.

Even if I give way here, I’ll face death.

While subconsciously fiddling with the ring that had hurt Theodore, I smiled slightly.

“Will the emperor think the same?”


“Isn’t the Emperor trying to push for a wedding with the young seventh princess? If not me, you’ll have to marry a young princess still attending the academy. Are you okay with that?

Theodore narrowed his eyes.

“How do you know that?”

How do I know that?

Because I’ve already heard and experienced all of that in the past.

“Do you still want me to go back, drink warm milk, and fall asleep?”

I intentionally smiled sweetly before gesturing towards the sofa on the other side. Theodore’s face hardened into stone.

After glaring at me for a long time, he finally sat down again.

Yes, however, I knew he would agree to my suggestion if I brought up the princess.

In the past, he hated marriage to the royal family. I smiled slightly as I saw Theodore acting precisely as I had guessed he would.

“What cursed bastard let that rumor spread? I need to sew his lips together.”

Theodore angrily undid the buttons that tightened around his neck. Hearing how ferocious his voice was, my shoulders shrank slightly.

“Let me correct you. To be exact, it isn’t the young seventh princess, but the fourth princess.”


“The person, the emperor, is trying to force me to marry is the fourth princess, Princess Dahlia.”


Huh? However, In the past, it was the young seventh princess.

It’s Princess Dahlia?

Isn’t Princess Dahlia the one born so weak that she couldn’t even leave the sickbed? To make things worse, in the past, she was an unlucky princess who couldn’t defeat the illness and died in the end.

Seeing my dumbfounded expression, Theodore nodded as if in understanding.

“I heard that she got better and out of bed.”

No. It was the young seventh princess.

I even remember how the young seventh princess said, ‘I don’t want to marry a scary mister like that,’ and also, cried her eyes out at a social function.

After reviewing my memories, I brushed them aside since it didn’t matter which princess Theodore was supposed to marry.

“Then you’ll need me even more.”

A shadow fell across Theodore’s red pupils as his long eyelashes fluttered. Then, seeing his face full of contemplation, I changed my attitude and also, pointed at him.

“One year.”

“After that, let’s have a divorce.”

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