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What is Haircare?

Hair is born on the scalp and has a root through which it feeds and a shaft (the hair), which grows out of the scalp. Under the scalp, the hair bulb constitutes a bulge where the root penetrates up to five millimeters deep.

The bulb connects to the thermal papilla – a vital part of the hair that works for 24 hours -, one or more sebaceous glands, and an erector muscle. The blood vessels reach the papilla, the link between the hair and the rest of the body, through which it receives oxygen and food. The stem is made up of three concentric layers:

  • Cuticle

It is the outermost layer and fulfills a protective role.

It comprises layers of flat corneal cells, ranging from three to ten layers, superimposed on each other in scales.

  • The cortex

It is the layer that comprises 75% of the hair and where Keratin and melanin find.

Keratin is a fibrous protein produced by the root, which depends on the texture and appearance of the hair.

Melanin is the stain that gives color to hair.

  • the Melua

It is the center of the stem and ends up with dead cells.

Both a person’s skin and hair show their vital state: stress, surgical interventions, alcohol, tobacco, diseases in general, fatigue, pregnancy, menstruation, drugs taken regularly, anticoagulants, thyroid hormone, antirheumatics, and antifungals, as well as excessive applications of chemical substances on the hair such as dyes, bleaches, lotions for perms or chemical straightening, inappropriate products for hygiene, or poor hygiene, are factors that tend to weaken the hair, which may present symptoms of dryness, greasiness, difficulty detangling, excessive fall, lack of shine, split or flowered ends, all manifestations of hair in poor condition.

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