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A Parent’s Guide to Juggling Busy Summer Schedules

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When you’re a parent, not only do you have to juggle your own busy schedule, but you also have to juggle your kids’ schedules. In between their soccer practice, your work, and both of your bustling social commitments, it seems like families these days are busier than ever. If you anticipate a busy summer ahead, we have great news for you. Put on comfy and cute clothes when you’re booked and busy this summer because we have all the tips to help you survive and thrive this jam-packed season. Check out our parents’ guide to juggling busy summer schedules.

  1. Create a Master Calendar — Planning in advance will help you put the “fun” in “fundamentals.” Create a master schedule by sharing a calendar that outlines all the various family activities and commitments you have planned for the summer. It could be a physical calendar you have in a shared common space at home, like the fridge or living room, or it can be an online calendar. Use whatever works best for you and your family so that you have a clear overview of everyone’s schedules and can minimize potential scheduling conflicts.
  2. Encourage Open Communication — You may have an open door policy at work, so why not have an open door policy at home? If you don’t already encourage open communication, now is the time to instill that value in your home through regular communication with your family. That way, everyone stays informed about upcoming events. You can save time by coordinating schedules and streamlining activities like carpooling with your spouse or other parents to the same events.
  3. Dress for Success — One of the easiest ways to juggle a busy summer is to dress for the part. To help you dress for success, look at different options for how to layer clothes for summer that will take you from day to night and whatever activities you have planned. It helps to layer up when you have a busy day ahead and don’t have time to change in between. You can always remove layers when it gets too hot or as the occasion permits.Dress for Success
  4. Prioritize and Delegate — There will be times when you’ll need to decide as a family which events are and aren’t priorities. Figure out which events are the most important, such as if a family member’s wedding takes place over the same weekend as your kid’s soccer game, and prioritize them accordingly. You can delegate responsibilities to other family members or people in your community to help spread out the workload. A Parent’s Guide to Juggling Busy Summer Schedules. If you and your partner need to attend the wedding but your kids aren’t invited to the wedding or just don’t want to come because they have their own social lives, ask a friend or family member to help watch your child.
  5. Set Realistic ExpectationsWorking from home with the kids this summer while they’re on summer break? According to Whole Family Living, it can feel challenging to maintain your sanity when your little one always wants to play with you or needs to go to yet another sports game or social commitment. To help protect your sanity, consider ways you can delegate tasks with the help of a Virtual Assistant or from family and friends. It takes a village, so don’t be afraid or feel embarrassed to ask for help when you need it most.
  6. Embrace Both Change and Routine — Be kind and patient with yourself by embracing both change and routine. You might wonder how it’s possible to embrace that dichotomy, but the reality is that a busy summer schedule requires both change and routine. The only thing you can expect is the unexpected. By creating a daily and weekly routine you can rely on, like designated times for working and designated times for family time, you’ll be able to create more room for spontaneity since you can “plan” for the unexpected. A Parent’s Guide to Juggling Busy Summer Schedules
  7. Practice Self-Care and Boundaries — What does self-care look like to you? Self-care can be as simple as a little retail therapy like shopping for new chic shorts to wear to the beach or pool this summer. Whether you like relaxing on the couch or going for a run, taking care of yourself and learning how to say “no” and setting boundaries will give you peace of mind. A great parent is also a well-rested parent.Practice Self-Care and Boundaries (1)
  8. Optimize Your Downtime — When you do have downtime, try to optimize your self-care moments. That might mean napping when the baby naps or going shopping on your own while your teenager is also at the mall with their friends. To stay comfy during your downtime, rock sleeveless tops that can be layered up in a hoodie, pullover, or one by itself when it’s warm outside.

Just remember that the most important things you can do as a parent is to breathe and allow yourself some time for yourself. By managing both your schedule and your family’s schedule, you’ll have a great emotional and mental bandwidth for a cherished family summer.Embrace the adventure and look great while you’re doing it with chic dresses this summer that are sure to help you enjoy a summer filled with unforgettable experiences.

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