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5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Amazing

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According to a recent USA-based study, we spend 62% of our waking time in our homes, and whether you own your property or rent at Archstone Fremont Center Apartments Fremont CA, the fact you will spend more than half your life in or around your home means that you really want somewhere that feels amazing and a place you feel relaxed and are able to enjoy your time there.

When we are not at work we will spend the most of our time in our property, which is why it is so important that the place you will spend the majority of your time is also the place that you enjoy spending your time in the most.

We look at 5 ways to really make your home feel amazing.

Indoor Furniture

Going home after a day’s work and sitting on a really old and hard sofa or going to bed when you really need to sleep but having to getting into a broken bed will just destroy how you feel about your home and yourself. Making sure you invest in a decent sofa and bed is crucial, as these are the two things you will generally use the most at home, and this is why above everything, make sure these two items are the best you can afford.

All the other things you need in your home can come later or can be upcycled or second hand, but a quality sofa and bed will be the two best things you can buy for your home, you wont regret making that investment, that is for sure.

Garden Furniture

Whilst we have covered indoor furniture, never forget about how you can relax in your garden, and what better way to do this with some beautiful but affordable rattan garden furniture. In the summer and warmer months you want to be outside and be seriously enjoying your free time, and you really need some comfortable garden furniture to be able to achieve this, so make sure you have something nice to sit on and relax on when that weather finally turns to something we can all enjoy.


Whilst we don’t think you need to invest thousands in luxury wallpaper, a clean lick of paint and some nice colours can really make a difference to even the darkest or smallest of rooms or properties. It is easily one of the cheapest things you can do as you can buy huge amounts of paint for very low prices from some of the major DIY chains, and it is also something you can often do yourself as well, making this such a quick win and something that can really help to put your own stamp on your home in so many ways.

Aromas And Fragrances

A home that smells amazing often feels amazing, and you can achieve this in so many natural ways, and one of those ways is to invest in some seriously decent wax melts and wax burners, alongside candles. You can now buy every type of smell and aroma under the sun, and whether you want your home to smell of baby powder or you favourite perfume, finding a fragrance that relaxes you and makes you feel good is pretty easy these days, and a sure fire way to make sure your home is the perfect place to be.


Our final point is also really important, as if your home is badly lit, or you have poor lighting then it can seem a really dark or harsh environment, which can affect our eyes and also our mental health. This is why some balanced and relaxing lighting really can make any room in your home see far more welcoming, as you often don’t want the ceiling lights to be blaring out at full force.

This is where lovely lamps or even lights that you can control with dimmer switches really can help to change your mood, no matter how dark or cold the evening is.



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