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5 digital marketing strategies to promote your property listings

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The key to that amazing commission is finding the perfect buyer for your listings. But how does the perfect buyer know your listing even exists!? To get your client’s house sold in record time (and for record price), you need to market your listing to a wide audience. Here are five ways to promote your property listings online and extend your marketing reach.

Create real estate ads

In today’s digital world, there’s no shortage of places to post advertisements. Whether you take out pay-per-click ads, post to your social media accounts, upload to other websites, or send directly to potential clients via email, there are plenty of ways to use ads to generate more attention for your listings.

While it’s easy to distribute your real estate ads, not every ad is a winner. You need to make sure your ads are eye-catching and properly showcase your stunning properties.

Since you’re busy at showings and open houses, you might not have time to create amazing ads from scratch. Luckily, you can find plenty of free real estate ad templates online. Just choose the template that best fits your agency’s style, fill in information about your listing, and you’re ready to distribute your professionally designed ad.

Build a great website

Everyone knows to come to you if they want to find a great new home. So why not build a home base for all your current listings that’s easy for anyone to find?

A website is a must-have for any real estate professional. It gives you a place to showcase your experience, background, industry updates, and current listings. Anyone looking to buy a home can simply visit your site, learn about why they should choose you as their agent, and browse available properties.

When potential clients find their perfect match — or just want some professional advice — they can easily see your contact information to reach out. A website is a great way to promote your listings (and your agency) online.

Capture amazing photos and videos

If you want to sell houses, you need to make your listings look incredible to potential buyers. Since homebuyers typically begin their search online, that means you need to have amazing pictures and videos to showcase your properties.

A simple cell phone picture with poor lighting can make even the most beautiful homes look boring and dingy. Take the time to capture professional-quality photos and videos of your property. Not only will it encourage more buyers to place offers (or at least schedule a showing), but great pictures are also great eye-catching additions to any online ad or social media post.

Harness the power of social media

Everyone likes social media, especially marketers. According to the latest data, an incredible 82% of the U.S. population uses some form of social media! For a real estate professional looking to promote their latest property listing, that means there are a lot of people just waiting to see your ads.

Post plenty of pictures, videos, and information about your listings to your favorite social media accounts. The more platforms you use, the more people you can reach! Those amazing real estate ads you made also work perfectly as social media posts.

The best way to use social media as a real estate agent is to create a business profile on your favorite social media platforms. That way, you can promote only listing information, rather than mixing your professional and personal platforms (and posts). Plus, you’ll get access to business data, which can be very helpful in planning future social media campaigns.

The problem with social media is that there are so many other posts. It doesn’t take long for people to become distracted and forget about your amazing properties. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule regular posts to keep your listings top of mind. Don’t let your followers forget about your active listings!

Send emails to all your contacts

As a real estate agent, you’ve likely compiled quite a list of contacts. From previous and potential clients to other agents and brokers, your email address book is probably overflowing! Why not use those contacts to promote your latest listing?

Email is one of the most effective marketing platforms, even today. The average email marketing campaign generates $36 for every $1 spent. That’s a 3,600% return on investment!

Whenever you get a new listing, make an eye-catching email and send it to everyone in your contact list. You never know when someone, even a past client, might be looking for a new home or, in the case of other agents and brokers, might have a client looking for a new home.

Your emails are a representation of you and your brand, so make sure they look the part. Use real estate email templates to design professional-looking emails without needing professional-level design skills (or time).

Sell more houses with winning online marketing strategies

How do you get more people to see your active listings? Go online! With a well-planned digital marketing campaign, you can easily get more attention for your active properties and sell more houses. Remember to use real estate ad templates, build a great website, take professional photos and videos, use social media regularly, and send plenty of emails to your contacts. With all your online marketing strategies working together, you’ll be able to sell your active listings in record time!


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